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A testimony is another name for a person’s personal story. There’s power in sharing your story with others. The story of Tabitha in Acts is a great example of this. Tabitha was a woman in the Bible in the Book of Acts. She did a lot of good things for people, but she got sick and died. Peter shows up after she dies – and with God’s SUPERnatural power – he raises her from the dead! Tabitha and her friends told Tabitha’s story all over the town. People heard her story, became Christians and began to follow God! That’s the power of sharing your story! In this lesson, the children will learn that each of us must tell others what God has done for us—so they can hear and believe!
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Lesson 3



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Intro Video
SkitMaterials: Character: Chuck Foo (A wanna-be karate instructor with a Minnesota accent)
Game TimeMaterials: two rolls of newspaper; two bicycles (optional)
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