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Lesson 3: Start Spreading The News

A testimony is another name for a person’s personal story. There’s power in sharing your story with others. The story of Tabitha in Acts is a great example of this. Tabitha was a woman in the Bible in the Book of Acts. She did a lot of good things for people, but she got sick and died. Peter shows up after she dies – and with God’s SUPERnatural power – he raises her from the dead! Tabitha and her friends told Tabitha’s story all over the town. People heard her story, became Christians and began to follow God! That’s the power of sharing your story! In this lesson, the children will learn that each of us must tell others what God has done for us—so they can hear and believe!


Classroom Instructions


In preparation for this lesson familiarize yourself with the Bible Story found in Acts 9.

Materials: Character: Chuck Foo (A wanna-be karate instructor with a Minnesota accent)
Drama Team

Chuck: (Chuck runs without making a sound. His mouth is covered in tape)

Leader: Hey everybody, it’s Chuck Foo! (notices the tape covering Chuck’s mouth) Chuck…what are you doing?

Chuck: (mumbles through the tape)

Leader: Chuck, I can’t understand what you’re saying.

Chuck: (mumbles louder)

Leader: What?

Chuck: (mumbles even LOUDER)

Leader: I still can’t understand you!

Chuck: (starts to yell through the tape)

Leader: (yanks the tape off of Chuck’s mouth)

Chuck: OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! Are you CRAZY?!

Leader: I’M the crazy one? You’re the guy with tape on his mouth.

Chuck: Well, if you would just LISTEN, I could explain!

Leader: How could I listen to you if you had TAPE on your mouth?

Chuck: I was trying to speak to you with the power of my mind, but OBVIOUSLY your brain isn’t a very good listener either!

Leader: Chuck, can you just get to the point? You’re confusing all of us.

Chuck: FINE. You guys are talking about telling stories, right?

Leader: Sort of. We’re talking about how important it is to share YOUR story.

Chuck: Well I can’t do that. I have a fear of public speaking. SO, I put the tape over my mouth so I wouldn’t have to talk to a lot of people at once.

Leader: Chuck, you just said you’re afraid of speaking in public. You realize you’re speaking publicly RIGHT NOW, don’t you?

Chuck: What do you mean?

Leader: (points to the kids)

Chuck: (Chuck looks at the kid) THE KIDS ARE IN PUBLIC?! (Chuck screams like a little girl, curls up into a ball on the floor) I don’t WANT to share my story! My story is boring! They’ll all laugh at me and call me Lobster face!

Leader: Chuck, NOBODY is going to call you Lobster Face! Today we’re talking about how important it is to share your story! In today’s lesson we’re talking about a woman that had something terrible happen--

Chuck: (interrupts, getting up off the floor) Well why would somebody want to hear about that?!That’s not a good story!

Leader: Well, Chuck, sometimes bad things happen to good people! BUT, in this story, God’s SUPERNATURAL power does something amazing! And when this lady shares her story, it helps other people come to Jesus! So, if God has done something amazing in your life, you should SHARE it with others!

Chuck: Oh man…I love it when people come to know Jesus…and God has done some cool stuff in my life. I’m gonna go work on my story! I know just how it should start, too! “Once Upon a Time!” No…that’s not good enough…I GOT IT! “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away!” I’ll see you later, boys and girls! My name’s Chuck Foo! KICK IT!

Materials: two rolls of newspaper; two bicycles (optional)
  • Choose three boys and three girls to participate in this relay game. The newspapers are going to serve as “batons” for the players to pass off in the relay. Choose a point at the back of the room for the kids to have to run (or, if your room is large enough have the kids get on a bicycle and ride like a paperboy) to and back. The first team to have all of their participants down and back wins!

Kids, just like the paperboy has to deliver the news to everyone on his route, we as Christians are to share the story of what God has done for us with everyone we meet.

Materials: a bag of groceries; some used clothing

Many years ago, there was something that was a part of every church service. Some churches still have it, but most churches don’t do it anymore. It was called “Testimony Time.” A testimony is a story that someone shares with others to tell them about something God has done for them. The reason why so many churches quit having Testimony Time is because some people used it in the wrong way—and they told some wacky stories.

One of those people was Repeating Robert.

He would end up saying the exact same thing every single time—over and over again. People would get tired of hearing the same story told the same way every time. Another person who used Testimony Time the wrong way was “Attacking Arnie”

He would use that time to say mean things and attack at his current church enemy. It went like this. “I thank God that I’m not a hypocrite, pointing out other people’s sins when the whole time I don’t attend the Men’s Prayer Breakfast. I thank God for keeping me from the awful habit of smoking and hiding my smoking, thinking no one in the church knows when everyone knows. Thank God.” Then, there was “Gloomy Gert”

Her testimonies were never really testimonies. She would gripe about her sore feet, her bad back, or bad gas. It was never appropriate for Testimony Time.

Sadly, we let a few “wacky” people ruin Testimony Time for everybody. I really wish more churches still did Testimony Time because there is power in telling others about what God has done for you. It gives people faith to believe. It’s amazing. We are going to learn all about that today.

In Acts chapter 9, we meet a wonderful woman named Tabitha.

Tabitha was an incredible woman who did great things for the poor. (pick up the bag of groceries) When the poor were hungry, Tabitha would bring them food. She would make sure they had plenty to eat. (pick up the used clothes) When the poor had no clothes to wear, Tabitha made clothes for them to wear. Tabitha took care of people. She showed God’s love in a big way.

One day, something very sad happened. Tabitha became very sick, and she died. The people were so sad. They thought, “How could this happen? Tabitha did so many good things for people. How could God let her die?” Sometimes we think the same things. We wonder how could something so BAD happen to someone who was so GOOD. It’s a good lesson to learn...

Jesus told us in John 16:33 that this world is full of problems and difficulties. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean that we will never face sickness, problems, or even death. Bad things happen, but we have God with us. He helps us through our tough times. We have to remember to call on Him when bad things happen.

Tabitha’s friends washed her body and placed it in an upstairs room of her house, preparing it for burial. But, they also did something else. They sent word for Peter to come. Why would they do that? What could Peter do now that Tabitha was dead?

Peter arrived to find all of the people crying and mourning over Tabitha’s death. Peter asked all of the people to leave the room.

He knelt down beside Tabitha’s body and began to pray. He prayed for God to show His amazing power and raise Tabitha from the dead.

Then, he turned toward Tabitha’s dead body and said, “Tabitha, get up.” Immediately, Tabitha sat up—she was raised from the dead!

Peter called the people back into the room and presented Tabitha to them—alive!

Everyone rejoiced at God’s SUPER power to raise the dead. It was an unbelievable moment. It taught the people something very important...

Sometimes we think certain things are too hard for God. We think, “Well, God can help me with my Math test, but He can’t help me with the bully at school.” OR, “God can help me get along with my sister, but He can’t heal my mom of Cancer.” We have to remember that God’s SUPERnatural power can do ANYTHING!!! There is NOTHING too hard for God. We need to call on Him when bad things happen, believing that He can do anything, provide anything, and heal anyone! We need to call on Him and allow Him to show His SUPERnatural power in our lives.

The people were so amazed at what God had done by raising Tabitha from the dead. Everywhere they went, they told people about what God had done. They told Tabitha’s story in every town around. Do you know what happened as a result? People everywhere came to believe in God. That’s something that happens when we share our story...

God has done amazing things in your life—it’s time you tell others. Has God healed you? Tell your story!! Has God forgiven you of your sins and helped you conquer a bad habit? Tell your story! Has God healed you or a loved one of a sickness? Tell your story!

When we tell our story, we give other people a chance to hear what God has done. This will help them believe in Him. They begin to realize, “If God can do this for them, then God can do this for me!” We need to be willing to share our story with others! It could be the very thing that brings them to believe in Jesus.

  • (play soft music) Pray with the children to have boldness to share their story with others. Pray that God will set up divine opportunities for them to tell others what God has done in their lives.

  1. What was today’s Big Idea?

    • Answer: “I Gotta Tell The World What He’s Done For Me!”
  2. What did Chuck Foo have over his mouth when he came in?

    • Answer: tape
  3. What was the name of the helpful lady in today’s Bible story?

    • Answer: Tabitha
  4. What “bad thing” happened to Tabitha?

    • Answer: she got sick and died
  5. What did Peter do after he sent everyone out of the room?

    • Answer: prayed for Tabitha to rise from the dead
  6. According to our lesson today, “_____ ________ Happen To Good People.”

    • Answer: Bad Things
  7. According to our lesson today, “God’s Supernatural Power Can Do __________.”

    • Answer: Anything
  8. According to our lesson today, “When I Tell My Story, Others Come To _______________.”

    • Answer: Jesus
  9. Should you and I share our testimony with others?

    • Answer: Yes
  10. Where was our Power Verse found?

    • Answer: Isaiah 12:4

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