You're So Lame

There wasn’t anything special about Peter. He was an ordinary fisherman who chose to follow God’s call. But, there were so many times when God used him in SUPER-natural ways. In Acts chapter 3, Peter was walking with another Apostle, John. They were going to the temple, and they passed a lame beggar. So many people had passed the lame man and paid him no attention. Peter and John knew that this man mattered to God. They didn’t give him money. Instead, they prayed for God to heal him—and He did! In this lesson, the children will learn that God can use them in SUPER-natural ways. They must look for opportunities to minister to others because every day could be the day for a miracle!
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SkitMaterials: Character: Chuck Foo (A wanna-be karate instructor with a Minnesota accent)
Game TimeMaterials: Two pairs of crutches
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