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Lesson 4: The God-Father

Many children today are forced to live without a Dad. Whether it’s because of divorce or pre-marital pregnancy, living without a Dad is very difficult for children to cope with. While living without a Dad can be hard, children can rest in the fact that we ALL have an incredible Heavenly Father who has promised to be there for us no matter what. If times get tough, He’s there. If we mess up and sin, He’s still there. He’s not going to leave us no matter what! In this lesson, the children will learn that all of us have the same Heavenly Father who is perfect in every way!


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Silly Willy Puppet
Drama Team
  • Silly Willy: Hey everybody!

    Leader: Well, hey there, Silly Willy.

    Silly Willy: What are we talking about today?

    Leader: Well, we’re talking about how in some families they are missing a very important part. A part that makes it tough to make it sometimes if we don’t have it in our family.

    Silly Willy: Well, I don’t know what it is, but I know what it isn’t.

    Leader: What’s that?

    Silly Willy: Little sisters! I think every family can do without little pesky sisters who are always bothering you and trying to change the channel when you are watching your favorite show! Besides that, sometimes they have messy diapers and man do they smell!!!!

    Leader: Well, Silly Willy, that is not very nice to say about sisters. But, listen, I need to tell you the lesson we are learning today.

    Silly Willy: OK, what is the important part that some families are missing?

    Leader: Dads.

    Silly Willy: Oh, you are right! You know, my granddaddy died when my Dad was a baby. My Dad always talked about how hard it was to grow up without a Daddy. You know, there’s some of my friends who don’t have Dads at home, too. They get sad sometimes.

    Leader: I know. It’s sad when we don’t have a Dad around. But, do you know something cool?

    Silly Willy: What?

    Leader: We all have the same Father.

    Silly Willy: (looks at leader like they are crazy) Are you insane? Your Daddy don’t look anything like my Daddy! We don’t have the same Daddy!

    Leader: I’m not talking about our earthly fathers, Silly Willy. I am talking about our Heavenly Father. God is an awesome heavenly Father that will be there for us no matter what. Even if we don’t have a Dad at home, we can be excited that we all have a Heavenly Father that is perfect in every way.

    Silly Willy: That is too cool!

    Leader: It sure is! So, why don’t you sit back and listen to today’s lesson?

    Silly Willy: I think I will! I want to know just how perfect our Heavenly Father is! You know, I can tell you who isn’t perfect.

    Leader: Who’s that?

    Silly Willy: My kid sister! The only thing she does perfect is make a perfect mess!!!!

    Leader: Goodbye, Silly Willy! Go be nice to your sister!

    Silly Willy: Oh, OK. Bye, Bye!

Materials: Large pieces of cardstock with one word of the Power Verse written on each one; some sort of removable adhesive; stopwatch; someone to keep time.
  • Choose one boy and one girl to compete in this game. Decide which one will “go first.” Send both players out of the room. Mix up all the pieces of cardstock and adhere them to a wall or “game board.”

    When you say, “Go,” (start the game music) the first player runs into the room, up to the wall or game board and begins rearranging the pieces of cardstock until they have put them in the correct order of the Power Verse. When they finish, stop the timer. Then, mix up the pieces of cardstock again and have the next player do the same thing. Whichever player puts the Power Verse in the right order in the fastest amount of time wins.

Materials: Set of building blueprints. “Ken” doll (or other male doll). Large red construction paper heart.

Today we have been talking about how some families are missing a very important piece, Dads. It’s tough to grow up without a Dad.

  • Hold up the Ken doll.

Anybody know who this is? (allow kids response) That’s right, his name is Ken. He’s Barbie’s husband. Barbie is the perfect little doll, and she has a perfect little husband, Ken. He has perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect clothes, and drives a perfect car. I’m sure he treats Barbie perfectly, is always perfectly on time for every appointment, never breaks a promise, and gives his kids a perfect allowance, like a million dollars a week.

There’s only one problem with perfect little Ken...he’s not real. Nobody is this perfect. Even our dads, although they may try their hardest, they will never be absolutely perfect. Sometimes they will miss our soccer games when they thought they might be able to make it. Sometimes they will get upset and lose their temper in front of us even though they didn’t mean to.

Sometimes earthly fathers even decide to leave their family and don’t talk to their kids as much as they should. That hurts. It’s not easy to have that happen to you. Many kids grow up in a home without a Dad. Earthly fathers aren’t perfect.

Our Heavenly Father, on the other hand, is absolutely the perfect Father. He will never break a promise. He will never hurt us. He will never treat us wrong. He will NEVER leave us. He is absolutely PERFECT as our Father.

  • Hold up the giant red heart.

Because God is our Perfect Father, we know He loves us with a perfect love. Now, how many of you have had someone tell you they love you and that they are your best friend, but then when you did something they didn’t like, they were no longer your friend? (allow kids’ response). Since we learned that nobody’s perfect except for God, we know that people just can’t love us with a perfect love.

But, God can! His love is so much bigger and stronger than anything we have ever imagined. The Bible says that “God is love.” That means that He has so much perfect love for you and me that it’s almost all that He is made up of. He IS love. His love is perfect.

The best part is, no matter what we do His love stays the same. You might think, “Well, what if I let God down and make a mistake and sin? Will He still love me then?” The answer is, “YES!” God’s perfect love never fails and it never stops. No matter how much we ignore Him, disobey Him, or hurt Him God still loves us with that perfect love. Isn’t that amazing?

Not only is God a perfect Father who has a perfect love for us, but He has a perfect plan for our lives.

  • Hold up the blueprints.

When you go to build a building, you don’t start without a plan. If you do, your building will probably turn out looking pretty messed up. You need to know exactly what you want it to be before you start, right? Did you know that just like that, God had a plan for you before the world was created? It’s true.

God had a perfect plan for you even before you were born. He knew who would be your friends, what you would grow up to be, and every little detail about you. God’s perfect plan for you is what you need to follow. If you want to know what His plan is for your life, just ask Him. He speaks to us through the Bible and in our hearts and thoughts. He will help you make decisions. He will help you do all the things that will help you become more of the person that He planned for you to be.

The best news of all? There is nothing that anyone else can do to stop God’s plan for you.The devil can’t stop it, people can’t stop it, nothing can stop it...except you. You can choose not to follow God’s plan. Many people think they know what’s best for their life even better than God. The question you have to ask is...Who knows better than the one who created you? The answer is . . . nobody.

I know that many of you have grown up in a home where you don’t have a Dad. Sometimes that can be hard. But, today we have learned that God is our perfect heavenly father who loves us with a perfect love and has a perfect plan for our life. He will be there for you no matter what. Just like our Power Verse tells us, “He will never fail us or abandon us".

  • Play soft music.

  • Give children a chance to thank God for creating them and making them His children. Thank Him for being a loving Heavenly Father. Pray especially for those who do not have Dads in their homes. Pray that God will help them find their strength in Him.

  1. Who did Silly Willy say died when his Dad was a baby ? Answer: His grandfather (his Dad’s Dad)

  2. Who did Silly Willy say knew how to make a “perfect mess?” Answer: His kid sister

  3. Do ALL kids grow up with Dads in their home? Answer: No

  4. Who is our Heavenly Father? Answer: God

  5. The first lesson we learned is that God is a perfect ____________. Answer: Father

  6. Where was our Power Verse found today? Answer: Joshua 1:5

  7. What was today’s Big Idea? Answer: “God The Father Will Never Fail!”

  8. The second lesson we learned today is God has a perfect ___________. Answer: Love

  9. The third lesson we learned today is God has a perfect ___________. Answer: Plan

  10. What’s the guy’s name who has been teaching us the Power Verse? Answer: Squeely McGee

At Home

At Home Instructions

Family Devotion: Where's Dad

The Big Idea God The Father Will Never Fail!

The Power Verse For I will not leave you...I will not fail you or abandon you.” - Joshua 1:5


For the most part, children get their first impressions of God from their own fathers. If their dads are loving, kind, generous, trustworthy, etc., it’s easier for them to see those attributes in God. However, if their dads are irresponsible, unloving, or even absent, they may have a hard time relating to God. The purpose of this week’s devotion is to reinforce God’s characteristics in your children’s minds, regardless of the type of father they have.

  • As a family, write down a list of things that the “perfect” father would be or do. Write everything down, even if you know that what your child suggests may not really be what a perfect father would do (for example, “A perfect father would give me everything I want”)

    Once the list is completed, go back through it and discuss each item. Ask your children if the item really is something a perfect father should do. Some of the things they include should definitely stay on the list, such “a perfect father will always provide for his children.” Some things, though, should be removed. Talk to your children about why that item really shouldn’t be on the list. For example, if your children suggest that a perfect father would never spank or discipline them, ask them what they think they would be like as adults if no one ever corrected them.

    Then explain to them that God, as our Father in Heaven, is all of the things they listed that a perfect father should be and even more. Their dads on earth have limitations, but God doesn’t. Discuss some of the following limitations earthly fathers have, and then read the Bible verse that describe God.

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