Ark Kids Junior: Yes To Jesus

Conductor Carl is lost in the forest. That's been a good reminder of why it's important to follow the right leader. It's a good thing we can follow Jesus, our perfect leader.

Deciding to follow Jesus is the single most important choice in a person’s life. It will determine the course of their future, both now and into eternity. That’s why it’s so essential to take this moment seriously. This special “Yes to Jesus” service is an opportunity to help the kids in your ministry understand why they should follow Jesus and encourage them to make that choice. It’s a time to focus and reflect on Jesus. This service is also a great occasion to invite parents to join you for service. They can sit with their kids, participate in the service, and even pray with their kids to receive Christ. It’s an opportunity to create a powerful moment in the lives of your families.


Yes To Jesus Week 1
Yes To Jesus Week 1

I Can Say Yes To Jesus!