NextLevel Online: Your Kingdom Come - Study in the Sermon on the Mount

Session 6: His Treasure

What Does Jesus Treasure? (6:19-21) We cover in this session the windows into our hearts and the four reasons not to worry.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Read Matthew 6:19-34

  • What Does Jesus Treasure? (6:19-21)

    • Earthly Kingdom Treasure
    • Heavenly Kingdom Treasure
  • Windows into Your Heart (6:22-34)

    • Eyes

    • Devotion

      • Serve God
      • Serve Money
    • Anxiousness

      • Four examples (food, drink, body, clothes)
      • Two examples (birds, grass)
    • Eyes (Seek)

  • FOUR Reasons not to Worry:

    • Power “Can add an hour to the length of your life?”
    • Faith “Your father knows that you need them all.”
    • Focus “Gentiles seek after these things.” “Seek first…”
    • Value (Treasure) “Are you not of more value than they?”

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