NextLevel Online: Student Ministry Training

Session 1: Expectations for Volunteer Youth Workers, Pt. 1

Volunteers are incredibly valuable to every youth ministry.. In this first session, we discuss the two commitments of volunteers; commitment to Jesus and commitment to family.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

The most important thing you can do is invest in adult volunteers!

  • Volunteers are incredibly valuable to every youth ministry.

Two commitments

  • Your commitment to Jesus. Jesus is the center of your work.

    • Students need to see that Jesus is real in your life, more than just on Sundays.

    • Do you want to grow up in Jesus or grow old in Jesus?

      • How can we do this?

        • Be in the Word.
        • Pray.
        • Seek positive accountability and have them speak wisdom in your life.
        • Love the church.
        • Be teachable.
  • Your commitment to your family.

    • Give it priority. By doing this, we honor God.

      • How can we do this?

        • Part of your job is to be an ally to parents; parents will always have a bigger impact on the students than the youth worker.
        • Consider the impact your ministry has on families.
        • Money.

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