NextLevel Online: Romans

Session 9: Romans 12.1-2: The Process of Transformation

How do I put the process of transformation into practice?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

How do I put this into practice? That is the question I want you thinking about right now

Paul’s plan for transformation… Romans 12.1-2

  • Basis: mercy (grace, Holy Spirit)… this is how Paul summarizes Rom 1-11

  • Goal: wisdom discernment – not just following the rules; know what to do & have power to do it

  • Process:

    • A lot of people in our world promise transformation. And in large part you can break their promises and strategies down into two main categories:

      • Self-help – change the way you think; these strategies focus on the mind

      • Health and Wellness – change the way you eat and exercise; these strategies focus on the mind

    • I find it fascinating that long before the self-help industry or our addiction to dieting, Paul spoke with Holy Spirit wisdom and included both. That’s what we see in 12.1-2: Want to chance? Then do something with your body, and something with your mind. Let’s take them in reverse order.

    • Mind – don’t conform to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds

      • Don’t conform to everyone around you, Paul says. But notice what comes next:

        • He does not say “withdraw”; make your own little Christian ghetto where you’ll be safe and protected from that nasty world out there

        • But instead he says stay and think different.

        • Growing bodies of psychology and neuroscience are consistently confirming what common sense teaches and the Bible has been saying for a long time: What we believe, what think, how we process the world and God and ourselves, matters.

      • This means that one of the most powerful disciplines you can practice is thinking about what is true.

    • Body – offer your bodies as a living sacrifice

      • We’re basically talking about obedience

      • But we’re seeing obedience as worship

        • “Offer” or “consecrate” sacrifice language;

          • And if it wasn’t clear, the following “as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God”
    • So it’s a sacrifice, but a living one, holy and pleasing to God

  • So there it is. Concentrate your mind and Consecrate your body. Think and obey – not by your natural power but by the Spirit’s power; not to earn God’s favor, but to form new habits that build on gospel truth.

  • I beg of you to take this personally, not leave it on the level of theory. Do some examination:

    • How can I arrange my day to intentionally think about gospel truth?

    • What habits need some attention? Mouth; eyes; hands; feet

  • The world is watching to see if your Christianity – if your “good news” – makes a tangible difference in how you live. It can and it will if you let it. Romans 12.1-2

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