NextLevel Online: Romans

Session 8: Romans 9-11: Problem with the Plan?

Session 8 covers Romans 9-11.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • And coming out of Romans 8, Paul is… crying?! 9.1-2. This is not what we expect!

  • The problem is that most of his fellow Jews don’t believe… 9.3-4

  • Rom 9: The plan always worked this way.

    • Faith, not bloodlines (membership in God’s people; 9.6 crucial)

    • Grace, not works; mercy, not perfect obedience

    • God hardens the rebellious to rescue the faithful (Pharaoh / Israel, now Israel / Church)

  • Rom 10: The plan worked.

    • 10.4: The Law’s goal was always to get to Christ (crossing the street)

    • 10.9-15: Gospel is going out to all, believed on by some

  • Rom 11: The plan will keep working.

    • Hardened will soften… 11.9-11… because of jealousy

      • Don’t be arrogant! You are not superior…

      • Don’t doubt that God will forgive the moment they stop persisting in unbelief…

    • And in this way all Israel will be saved” (11.26)

      • “All Israel” = Jews and Gentiles in Christ

      • I know this is controversial, but… Paul has worked hard in Romans to teach us how to read this: membership in God’s family – in “Israel” – is not defined by bloodlines but by faith. Remember 9.6“And in this way all Israel will be saved” (11.26)

  • What now?

    • Be grateful for Israel’s part in the story

    • Be evangelistic in every direction

    • Be impressed by God. After all this analysis, all this complex theologizing, Paul can only stop and worship. 11.33-36. Amen indeed.

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