NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 9: What About the Mark of the Beast? (Rev 13:16-18)

What do we do with the Mark of the Beast? Defining who you are and who you belong to.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. Introduction

    • Legends, Lore, and Abuses

      • What do we do about the mark of the beast—666?

        • Fear
        • Abuse
        • CONCLUSION: There are as many interpretations of the Mark of the Beast as there are people.
      • Key Questions:

        • Was the meaning of the number clear for the people of his time or just as confusing to the original readers?
        • Are we missing the forest by focusing on this one tree?
  2. The Context of the Mark of the Beast

    • Revelation 13:18

      • Approach
      • The Number of its Name (Rev 13:17; 15:2)
    • Gematria (cf. Pompeii graffiti; Gen 14:14; Sibylline Oracles 1.324-9)

    • What is the solution?

      • The answer is simple: “beast.”
      • If the Greek word for beast—θηριον—is transliterated into Hebrew— —and the letters are added up, it equals = 666.
  3. Interpretation

    • Why on the forehead and hands? (Deut 6:4-9; Matt 23:5)

    • Other references in Revelation

      • Revelation 14:1—Seal on their foreheads

    • Who you worship defines who you, and it should be as clear as if you had it stamped on your forehead and on your hands.

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