NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 5: Learning to Ask the Right Questions (Genre)

Session 5 discusses what genre is and how it can help us ask the right questions about the book of Revelation. This section also includes the different genres of the Book of Revelation.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. Introduction

    • If you ask the wrong questions, then you will get the wrong answers.
    • So…How do we know what questions to ask? Genre!
  2. All about Genre

    • What is Genre?

    • Who Cares About Genre?

      • Genre works as a governing tool for the reader to know how to read what they are reading.
      • The primary importance for understanding a genre, then, is to be able to ask the right questions of the particular text, because the genre dictates the appropriate questions (cf. Who won the game? Have the Tigers been captured? etc.)
    • How Do I Learn Genres?

  3. What are the Genres of the Book of Revelation?

    • Revelation actually is governed by three different genres:

      • Epistolary Genre

        • Rev. 1:4-5a; 22:21

        • Why is this important for interpretation?

          • The message must first have made sense to the 7 churches in Asia Minor.
        • KEY QUESTIONS: Who is writing to whom? Why is the person writing to them? How does this book apply to the original audience?

      • Prophetic Genre

        • Revelation 1:3; 22:7, 10, 18

        • Why is this important for Interpretation?

          • More than merely prediction, Revelation is a clarion call for God’s people to both “stand firm” in the face of opposition and for those who have compromised with the opposition to “repent.”

            • Why?

              • Because of who God is—the sovereign ruler over all creation and history
              • And what God desires—the return to a garden where the curse is in reverse
        • KEY QUESTIONS: What is this prophecy revealing about who God is? What is this prophecy revealing about what God desires? What is this prophecy revealing about what God demands from us?

      • Apocalyptic Genre

        • What is it?

          • Apocalyptic Literature = A revelation of transcendent realities often communicated by other-worldly beings with a great amount of symbolic language to comfort and exhort an oppressed people.
        • How do we know?

          • Revelation 1:1
          • John’s use of symbolic language (Rev. 1:20; 12:9; 19:8b)
        • KEY QUESTIONS: What does this symbol point to? A principle? A reality? Where are these symbols used in the Old Testament? How would these symbols effect the original audience?

    • Revelation is a Christian Prophetic-Apocalyptic Letter.

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