NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 3: Defusing Semantic Bombs

We are diving deeper into Revelation and addressing the questions "Are we living in the 'last days'?" and "What is 'prophecy'?"


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. Are we Living in the Last Days?

    • The first thing we must do before answering this question is to ask, “What is the biblical definition of ‘last days’?”

      • OUR DEFINITION: Last Days = last 24 hr. periods before 2nd coming

      • BIBLE’S DEFINITION: “Last days” or “last times” in the NT [7 passages—not used: 2 Tim 3:1; 2 Peter 3:3; 1 Pet 1:20; Heb 1:1-3].

        • James 5:1-3 – “last days”

        • Jude 17-19 – “last times”

        • Acts 2:14-24 – “last days”

      • Conclusion:

        • The Biblical Definition of the “last days” = time between Christ’s 1st & 2nd Coming
  2. What is Prophecy?

    • Common Definition

      • Prophecy = Prediction
    • How does the Bible Define Prophecy?

      • Key Observation:

        • Around 13% of the time the words prophecy, prophesy, or to prophesy are used, the verses have nothing to do with predictions.

        • In other words, over 87% of the time the words prophecy, prophesy, and to prophesy refer to something else besides prediction.

      • Prophecy is…

        • …a challenge

        • …a revelation

          • Prophecy is a revelation about God showing us three key components:

            • Who God is
            • What God desires
            • What God demands of us
  3. Conclusion:

    • More than a prediction, Revelation is a clarion call for the rebellious to repent and for the resilient to stand firm.

    • More than a prediction, Revelation wants to transform the world… Revelation wants to transform you.

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