NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 2: Challenging Assumptions

In session 2, we discuss the troubling assumption that Revelation is a chronological roadmap of the future. What if Revelation's target is not to predict the future , but to transform YOU?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. The danger of Assumptions

    • We come expecting Revelation to answer questions like:

      • What will the end look like?

      • Is the rapture almost here?

      • Are we living in the end times?

    • Assumptions can cause not a little pain and an awful lot of problems.

  2. Key assumption for the Book of Revelation

    -WE ASSUME: Revelation is a chronological roadmap for the future.

  • End of the World:

        - Seals (Rev. 6:12-17)
        - Trumpets (Rev. 11:15-18)
        - Bowls (16:17-21)
        - Revelation 14
        - Revelation 19:19-21
        - Revelation 20:11-15
        - Revelation 21:1-8
    - Other problems with the Map:
        - Seven Thunders (Revelation 10:3b-4)
        - Revelation 12:1-8
  1. Conclusion
    • But what if Revelation’s target is bigger than prediction…what if Revelation’s target is YOU!

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