NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 11: What About Heaven? (Rev 21-22)

What will Heaven be like? In this final session of Revelation, we will dig into the linguistics supporting the "New Heaven" and "New Earth" and the broken relationships that will finally be restored.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. The Mythology of Heaven

    • What do you picture when you think of heaven?
  2. New Heavens and a New Earth

    • Revelation 21:1

      • Key elements:

        • What does “new” mean?
        • “No longer any sea”
      • We are still going to use this place, but it will be a purified presence.

  3. What will heaven look like?

    • Restoration of Relationships Ruined

      • There will be a restoration of three relationships that were shattered by the fall:

        • Humanity and Humanity (Gen 3:16b; Rev 21:8)
        • Humanity and Creation (Gen 3:17-18; Rev 22:2b-3a)
        • Humanity and God (Gen 3:23-24; Rev 21:1-7)

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