NextLevel Online: Revelation

Session 10: What About the Rapture? (Rev 4:1)

In session 10, we examine the Rapture in the Biblical context, challenging things you hold near and dear.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Guide
  1. Historical Origins of the Rapture

    • Key Figures:

      • Margaret MacDonald (1830)
      • John Nelson Darby
      • Cyrus Scofield
      • Dwight L. Moody
      • Billy Graham
      • Hal Lindsey
      • Tim LaHaye
    • Conclusion: The Rapture theology develops quite late in church history.

  2. Biblical Texts Regarding the Rapture

    • Matt. 24:36-41

      • Who is taken?

        • Rapturists – The good are taken and the bad are left behind
        • The Bible – The bad are taken and the good are left behind
    • 1 Thess. 4:13-18

    • Revelation 4:1

  3. Conclusion

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