NextLevel Online: Prayer

Session 9: Twelve Rules for Hearing God (pt 2)

This session will be the second part of the twelve rules for hearing God.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

Twelve “Rules” for Hearing God (pt 2)

  • God‘s guidance always serves his broader goals for our lives.

  • There are many possible reasons why we may be __________ to hear God.

    • Hand of God’s discipline…

    • Sand of the desert…

    • Green light of freedom…

  • God almost always re-speaks truth he has ____________ revealed.

  • God’s direct communication typically makes best sense in ___________.

  • When God speaks clearly, no one else’s _________ matters.

  • As always, our ___________ matters but we must not let it trump what Scripture reveals.

  • People who ___________ to hear God do hear God more than people who don’t.

Challenge: Read 2 Samuel 3 and 4. Then say “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” If you hear him give you an answer, write it down.

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • Once again, which of these are you most prone to forget?

  • When have you experienced God’s silence for a time? Have you yet been able to discern how God was working in that season?

  • Are you in a season of silence right now? Without trying to fix things, how can your community come around with you and be present in this tough time?

  • How nervous are you about the idea of God communicating personally to people? Why?

  • What are some good reasons we might not want to hear God? (Hint: Think about what he actually said to people in Scripture!) Do you nevertheless want to hear from him? Why?

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