NextLevel Online: Prayer

Session 8: Twelve Rules for Hearing God (pt 1)

In this session, we learn the twelve rules for hearing God.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

Twelve “Rules” for Hearing God (pt 1)

  • No part of God is available for our __________, including his voice.

  • Hearing God is a _________ and _________ experience of people who walk with God.

  • Hearing God is not like hearing people because God does not “________” the same way we (typically) speak.

  • God speaks or communicates in various ways:

    • Creation –
    • People –
    • Scripture –
    • Circumstances –
    • Directly –
  • We learn to hear God better by experience. The more you listen to God’s voice, the better you recognize it.

Challenge: Think back through your life story. Write out various times when you thought God was communicating with you.

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • Have you ever “heard God’s voice”? Share the stories, even if you’re not sure how to describe what went down!

  • Why is it critical to think about God “speaking” to us as not necessarily being hearing an audible voice?

  • Which of these rules/guidelines is it important for you personally to hear?

  • Do you believe God regularly communicates with you? How well are you listening?

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