NextLevel Online: Prayer

Session 7: How to Pray the Psalms

Session 7 gives us the ten ways to pray a Psalm.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

  • Reminder: we learn to pray by…

  • Idea: The goal is not to get through the Psalms, but to…

Ten Ways to Pray a Psalm:

  • Read the whole Psalm, discern the ____________________ idea, and pray about that idea (or image or question, etc).

  • Read the whole Psalm line-by-line or verse-by-verse, ____________________ after each bit to pray through whatever comes to mind from that verse.

  • Read until something ___________________, stop, and pray about whatever connected.

  • Summarize what this Psalm reveals about __________________, and then pray (praise) through that revelation.

  • Memorize the Psalm (or some portion of it) and recite it to yourself throughout the day.

  • Start with a particular need or concern in your own life and read until something in the Psalms connects with it, and then pray through it in whatever ways come to mind.

  • Start with some ____________________ person in mind and read until something in the Psalms connects with them, and then pray for them in whatever ways come to mind.

  • ____________________ all or part of the Psalm.

  • Read it aloud in ____________________ (2-3 times), and invite folks to pray for whatever the Psalm brings to mind.

  • Make a temporary ____________________ organized around shrewd goals, and keep it.


  • Choose one of these methods and go for it.

  • If you’re going weekly, then your routine timeframe is up. Plan another routine for the next three weeks with Psalms as a central part.

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • Which of these ways of praying the Psalms seems most natural or desirable to you? Why? (Start with the ones you like!)

  • Which of these praying methods is unclear or weird? If you’re in a group, help each other get a sense of what I’m getting at. (Thanks for the assistance!)

  • Which way(s) did you pray for your five minutes? How did that go?

  • Why is it critical to remember what the goal is and is not?

  • Where will you go from here with respect to praying the Psalms?

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