NextLevel Online: Prayer

Session 6: Why Pray the Psalms?

The sixth session gives us the ten reasons to pray the Psalms.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

  • ____________ you pray is more important than ____________________ you pray.

  • ____________ you pray matters. Consider… the Psalms!

Ten Reasons to Pray the Psalms:

  • If we didn’t have a ______________ and God decided to inspire one, we would never question whether to make it the center of our prayer lives. We have such a book.

  • When we pray Psalms, we pray like _______________ and the _______________.

  • When we pray the Psalms, we pray with the ____________________ church.

  • We don’t leave our prayers up to ____________________ or whim.

  • Gives us something ____________________ to pray about and focus on.

  • Keeps our prayers God-centered, and draws attention to ___________ in different ways.

  • Helps us pray ____________________.

  • Helps us pray through ____________________ the emotions and experiences.

  • Helps us ____________________ with others by guiding us to pray through emotions and experiences even when we’re not feeling that way ourselves.

  • Makes us pray ____________________ things about God and therefore makes us familiar with those truths. Transforms us by renewing our minds.


  • Check back in on your routine…

  • Pray two Psalms before moving on

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • How is your prayer routine going? (If you’re in a group, talk with one another about it. If alone, talk to God about it.)

  • Have you ever heard of praying the Psalms? What is your initial response to the suggestion?

  • Which of these reasons do you find most compelling? Are you motivated to give it a shot?

  • What challenges do you foresee in praying the Psalms?

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