NextLevel Online: Prayer

Session 11: Common Questions about Prayer (Part 1)

Do you have questions about prayer?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Review

Questions about Prayer

  • If God knows what I need and what I’m thinking, then why do I need to talk to him about it?

  • Is it okay to express anger and frustration with God in prayer? Is it wrong to pray for judgment on people?

  • How do you pray against spiritual warfare? Is there a particular way?

  • What is the “right posture” of prayer? Does posture matter?

  • Is there such a thing as a prayer that is too short or too long? How do I know when I have reached a good length?

  • How do you break out of the shame cycle when it comes to prayer?

  • How does one pray for both a specific outcome as well as God's will without it coming across as a lack of faith or an opening for the opposite to occur?

  • How do we know when God is saying “no” and when God is saying “wait”? What should I do when it seems like God is saying no?

  • How do I stay faithful when it feels like God isn’t staying faithful in answering my prayers?

Challenge: If you are struggling with unanswered prayer, write out the answer to these two questions: What do I believe is true about God? How then should this change how I regard my unanswered prayer? Also, find a seasoned Christian and ask them what is the longest you have had to wait to see God answer your prayers?

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • Which of these questions resonate with you? To what degree are you helped or satisfied with the answers?

  • What is your typical prayer “posture” or length? Do you feel compelled to make any changes in this regard?

  • How well do you strike a balance between making bold requests to God and also acknowledging that his will may differ from our desires?

  • What other questions do you have about prayer?

  1. What will you do with your questions? How will you go about seeking answers?

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