NextLevel Online: The Pentateuch

Session 4: A God who Knows

Session 4 covers Exodus 1-4 where we talk about a God who knows..


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Notes from Teaching Video

  • Exodus 1
    • Notice the connections to Genesis
    • A Change in Power
  • Exodus 2
    • The Birth of God’s Chosen Redeemer
  • Exodus 3-4
    • The Bush on Fire
    • *The Theme of God’s Presence
    • *A God who Knows

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • Does it ever frustrate you that God doesn’t step in and fix problems in the world?

  • Are you surprised that God let the people suffer for so long in Exodus before he acted? Do you think the people thought Yahweh had forgotten them?

  • Do you think people today struggle to believe that God knows? Do you? How would it change your life today if you believed, with all of your heart, that this is part of God’s character?

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