NextLevel Online: Kingdom Leadership

Session 2: Lesson Two

In session 2, we talk about the biblical model which is the shepherd model. We see two things about this model in this text: pursuit and personal.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

The biblical model is the shepherd model.

  • Ezekiel 34 We see two things about this model in this text:

    • Pursuit
    • Personal
  • Whatever calling Christ has called you to, it will start with the shepherd model.

  • This metaphor is the number one metaphor when it comes to leadership.

  • The call of Christ is never to start at the front of the room, it is always, “Will you shepherd my kingdom?”

  • What happens when shepherd’s shepherd:

    • anyone can do it
    • while it’s simple, never confuse simplicity with significance; it is so significant
  • When Jesus calls us to his life, he calls us to do what he did.

  • In the other models, pursuing people and being personal with them gets lost.

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