NextLevel Online: The Gospel According to Isaiah

Session 8: Hope (Isaiah 40)

Do you ever struggle to believe that God will act?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • Have you ever had a moment in your life when you lost hope? What was that like?

  • If Isaiah is responding to the question, “Does God want to deliver?”, what is God’s answer in Isaiah 40:1-11?

    • Read Matthew 3:1-3. How does the context of Isaiah 40 help us understand this text?
  • Have you ever questioned God’s ability to act? How do the vignettes in Isaiah 40:12-26 help us understand God’s ability?

  • Do you ever struggle to believe that God will act? How does the language of Isaiah 40:27-31 help you understand God’s intentions?

  • Isaiah 40:31 notes that those who wait on the Lord renew their strength. In Isaiah, trusting in God looks like waiting. What are some areas of your life where you are waiting on God now?

    • How would your life be different if you made an intentional decision to wait on the Lord?

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