NextLevel Online: Introduction to the Gospels

Session 3: The Gospel According to Mark

In Session 3, we talk about the Gospel according to Mark.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • Opening word - “Beginning” (ἀρχή13).

Creation theme opens the book (beginning, Spirit over the water, temptation, etc.)

  • No Birth Narrative

  • Fast-Paced Action

    • “Immediately” (εὐθύς) [42x in Mk; 6-Mt; 3-Lk; 3-Jn] — Mark moves at a fast pace only slowing down at the Passion narrative (this word does not occur after 15:1).

    • Favorite conjunction is “and” (καί).

    • Limited discourse in comparison to other gospels, he keeps the action moving. Mark Strauss compared it to an “on-the-spot news report” (pf. 172).

    • Use of “Historic Present” verbs that heighten the urgency of the narrative [151x in Mk; 93-Mt; 11-Lk].

    • Shortest account, but often with more details in shared narratives than other synoptic gospels (e.g., wild animals 1:13; grass 6:39; Jesus sleeping on a cushion 4:38).

  • ID Questions:

    • 1:27 What is this? A new teaching—and with authority…

    • 2:7 Who can forgive sins but God alone?

    • 2:16 Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?

    • 4:41 Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey him!

    • 6:2 What’s this wisdom that has been given him?

    • 7:5 Why don’t your disciples live according to the tradition of the elders…?

  • Authority

  • Outline: Two-part structure that hinges upon Peter’s Confession in 8:29 (Craig Blomberg, 131):

    • 1:1-8:30 Successes - M. Strauss = Authoritative Son of God

    • 8:31-16:8 Sufferings - M. Strauss = The Suffering Servant

  • Thematic groupings (see Strauss 174):

    • ch 1 Authority Stories

    • ch 2 Sabbath Controversies

    • ch 4 Kingdom Parables

    • ch 6-8 Boats & Bread Stories

    • ch 7 Unclean Stories

    • ch 7-8 Miracles and Parables for Discipleship (Deaf/Blind)

    • ch 10 Cruciform Life

    • ch 11-12 Controversy/Tests/Traps

  • Inclusio (“bookending”):

    • Son of God

      • 1:1 “Son of God”

      • 1:10 “You are my son”

      • 9:7 “This is my Son…Listen to Him”

      • 15:39 “Surely…son of God!”

    • Torn

      • 1:10 “Heaven torn open”

      • 15:38 “The curtain in the temple was torn…”

  • “Messianic Secret” — Jesus is always telling others to be silent and at the end (short ending), no one is “telling” but instead are afraid.

    • Jesus often withdraws/retreats

    • No Post-Resurrection Narrative (Depending on what you do with the textual variant in Mark 16:9-20).

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