NextLevel Online: Identity (others who teach in this series are: Matthew McBirth, Sara Hill, and Doug Alridge)

Session 4: Understanding Sexual Identity (Doug Aldridge)

In this session, we talk about Biblical and Secular Worldview.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Biblical Worldview

  • Our identity in Christ affects our actions, which affects our feelings.

Secular Worldview

  • Our feelings affect our actions, which affects our identity.

We look at the Biblical Worldview through the lens of 1 Thessalonians.

  • Paul wrote this letter in 51 AD.

  • Paul reminds us that our identity is found in Christ and nothing else.

  • Our choice of authority determines the nature of our religion (tradition, experience, cultural accommodation).

  • The Greco-Roman culture was very promiscuous; they had a secular worldview of sexual identity.

  • Paul makes it clear that any sexual act outside of heterosexual marriage doesn’t honor God.

  • The church can come across as anti-sex, which isn’t true.

  • Sex is holy; sex was God’s idea, and He has set perameters in marriage to honor it.

  • Sex outside his will does not honor people.

The whole call of the Gospel is don’t act the way we were born.

Christian marriage is meant to be a reflection of the image of God.

The key element of a christian sexual ethic is other centered, not self centered.

What drives our actions is our identity in Christ, not our feelings.

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