NextLevel Online: Identity (others who teach in this series are: Matthew McBirth, Sara Hill, and Doug Alridge)

Session 3: Security in Knowing You Are Loved by God (Sara Hill)

What is security? What do you believe about your security?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

What is security? Security is freedom from fear.

  • There are 365 times in the Bible that God tells us not to fear or be afraid; He knew we would be afraid of things, but that we don’t have to live in that fear.

Living in Fear:

  • Fear can make you feel rejected, guilty, like a failure, empty, alone…

  • We are all afraid of something; so what are you afraid of?

  • There is no fear in love (1 John 4)

We are all seeking purpose and value; to know our purpose and value we have to put our eyes back on God.

If we know who we are, then we don’t have to work so hard for the love and approval of others, because we already have God’s love and approval.

Living in Love:

  • Love shows us we are loved, God knit us together in our mother’s womb, we are known, Christ died for us to set us free, we are never alone, we are unique, He has a plan for us, He knows the way... this will give us life and purpose and peace.

What do you believe about your security? What you believe changes the way you think and act.

Finding our identity in anything other than Jesus is unsatisfying.

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