NextLevel Online: Identity (others who teach in this series are: Matthew McBirth, Sara Hill, and Doug Alridge)

Session 2: Uniquely Created by God (Matthew McBirth)

Session 2 covers the three different views on our identity.


Classroom Instructions

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The image of God is diverse!

Three Different Views on our Identity

  • Biblical View

    • We are made in the image of God.

    • We are worthy of grace.

    • We should be transformed to look more like Christ. “Little Christs.”

  • Societal View

    • We live in a world that loves to categorize characteristics.

    • Labels that are given: race, ethnicity, geography, gender, socio-economic class, religion, clique that you are with.

  • Unique Self

    • This is where we choose what we value most about the labels that are given to us by society.

These three different parts of our identity are always there in our life, but we decide which is more important.

God wants us to look at our uniqueness:

  • Acts 13 - racial, ethnicity, socio-economic status
  • Rev. 7 - John does not just say that he saw a multitude of people worshiping God, but he saw a multitude of people from different nations, tribes and languages

You see and hear God differently and help those around you to see him more fully.

God made you who you are the way you are for a certain reason. You reveal God to those around you in a different way than they ever could because God made you the way He wanted you to be. This is why being unified is such a big deal, because when a diverse group of Christ believers come together, Jesus is seen more clearly.

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