NextLevel Online: Hebrews

Session 9: Mountains

In this final session, we summarize thoughts about beliefs and habits on perseverance,


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline


  • Make a list of those things that you’ve learned that will help you in your perseverance. Identify both beliefs and habits from the book.

Summary thoughts on perseverance:

  • Beliefs:

    • Jesus is GREATER.

    • We must learn to “see with our ears.”

    • We have been initiated into a new covenantal relationship with God in Jesus.

    • God is faithful to his promises especially when we are in the desert.

  • Habits:

    • Submission to the living and active word (4:12-13)

    • Confident prayer (4:14-16)

    • Sincere worship (10:19-25) o Patient Discipline (12:1-13)

    • Committed Community life (3:12-14 and 10:19-25)

  • Is there anything else that you have learned from the book?


Comparing the desert, the mountain, and the city…

Spiritual Danger (or, what happens when God is ignored)Rebellion (Massah and Meribah)Idolatry (Carmel)Pride (Babel)
Spiritual Blessing (or, what happens when we wait for God)Testing/PreparationPresenceSecurity
Spiritual Need (or, what is required of us)FaithfulnessWorshipRest
Virtue CultivatedFaithLoveHope
In Hebrews3:7-1912:18-2411:13-16
Redeemed by GodGarden of Eden (Is. 35; Rev. 22:1-3)Zion (Is. 2:1-5; Rev. 21:10)New Jerusalem (Is. 65, Rev. 21:10)


  • Read through chapter 13. As the closing of the book, he summarizes many of the ideas that have been presented in the book. What are some of the big ideas from this chapter that we need to remember?

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