NextLevel Online: Hebrews

Session 8: Faith

In session 8, we define faith and enumerate some popular misconceptions of faith.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline


  • Define faith. What are some popular misconceptions of faith?

  • Read through Hebrews 11. How would the author of Hebrews define faith?

  • Are there any examples of faith in Hebrews 11 that surprise you?

Our cloud of witnesses:

  • There is a Threefold Division of Hebrews 11 that takes us through the entire Old Testament…

    • 11:3-7—Faith before the Flood.

    • 11:8-31—Faith of the Pilgrims.

    • 11:32-38—Faith in the Land.

  • Some popular misconceptions about faith:

    • Faith is merely intellectual. o Faith is merely sentimental.

    • Faith is “blind.” o Faith is certain.

  • How Hebrews 11 defines faith:

    • Faith is about seeing with your ears. (11:13-16)

    • Faith is an active trust.

    • Faith is diverse in its applications and outcomes.

    • Faith requires perseverance.

Fix your eyes on Jesus: Hebrews 12:1-3

  • Persevering in your faith will require…

    • The proper discipline

    • The proper mindset o The proper focus


  • Talk about your legacy in faith. Who is in your “cloud of witnesses?” How do they motivate you to run your race?

  • How does Hebrews 11 sharpen or change the way that you understand faith?

  • Reflect on whether there are weights or sins that you need to cast off in order to run with perseverance.

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