NextLevel Online: Hebrews

Session 5: Warning

Hebrews is a book full of warning signs. There are real dangers that we need to be aware of (Hebrews 2:1-4; 3:6; 3:12-14; 4:11; 10:26-27; 12:16). This session also shares a note on “falling away:”


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline


  • Talk about a time when you (or someone you know) were saved by paying attention to an important warning sign.
  • Hebrews is a book full of warning signs. There are real dangers that we need to be aware of. Read the following passages. Discuss what each passage has in common with the others: Hebrews 2:1-4; 3:6; 3:12-14; 4:11; 10:26-27; 12:16

The most difficult passage in Hebrews: Hebrews 5:11-6:12

  • The imminent danger here is stunted growth. Stunted spiritual growth has left them vulnerable. - The potential danger here is falling away.
  • The consequence of falling away is becoming so hardened that repentance is impossible.
  • The alternative to stunted growth is diligence. The alternative to falling away is hope.

A note on “falling away:”

  • It is important to remember to balance this passage with other scripture like Luke 15 (Prodigal Son). God is not unwilling to forgive. The danger lies in the hardness of our hearts.
  • Falling away is no “ordinary sin.” It is a willful and permanent rejection of Christ. This is different from the type of sin where we fail to live up to Christ’s will for our lives. This is also different from experiencing temporary challenges, setbacks, and even doubts in your faith. Every doubt does not add up to a rejection of God.
  • Falling away is typically a gradual process not a dramatic choice. It happens incrementally over time which is why Hebrews is so insistent that we “pay attention” and keep growing.


  • What are some steps that you can take right now as individuals or as a group to heed the warnings of Hebrews? What can we do to keep from drifting away?
  • In contrast to falling away, we are called to live in hope. Hope is one of the indispensable qualities of a Christian life. How does Hebrews 6 describe hope? What does it look like to live in hope? How does hope change our lives?

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