NextLevel Online: Healthy Elders & Deacons

Session 3: Character Qualities of Deacons

What are the Christ-like traits of a Deacon (Servant/Minister/Ministry Team Leader)?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • Christian leaders lead first in their character.

  • The Bible focuses more upon their character than it does their specific tasks.

    • Acts 6:1-7
    • 1 Timothy 3:8–13
  • Christ-Like Traits of a Deacon (Servant/Minister/Ministry Team Leader)

    • Authentic disciple of Jesus
    • Evidence of Christ’s control in their lives
      • Evidence of Christ-likeness and discipleship in the home
      • Christ-like interaction with others
      • Self-control (Spirit-Control)
      • Their motivations for leadership (all three warn again greed)
  • 1 Timothy 3:11

    • Wives of deacons
    • Deaconesses
  • Ephesians 4:11–16

Discussion Questions:

  • Why do deacons need to have these character qualities if all they are doing is serving in a non-teaching capacity?

  • How do we currently search and select deacons? Should we consider changing the process?

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