NextLevel Online: Going Home: A Study on the Book of Ezra

Session 5: Going Home With Godly Leaders

Session five covers the characteristics of Godly leaders found in Ezra.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Characteristics of Godly Leaders found in Ezra:

  • Study, Practice, and Teach God’s Word (7:1, 6-10, 25)

  • Live Under God’s Providence (7:28; 8:18, 22, 31)

  • Handle Money Well (7:14-20)

  • Demonstrate Spiritual Disciplines (8:21-23)

  • Act Courageously (8:15-18)

  • Live a Life of Doxology (7:27-28)

Discussion Questions:

  • Ezra was a scribe. In light of Matthew 13:52, what does being a scribe in the kingdom of heaven mean to you?

  • Sometimes there is a fine line between God’s intervention miraculously and his daily providence. Can you share an example of an ordinary time when God took care of you?

  • Fasting and prayer are mentioned in these two chapters as two of Ezra’s spiritual disciplines. In your opinion, how does fasting make your prayers more earnest?

  • How do we cultivate a habit of doxology every day?

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