NextLevel Online: Going Home: A Study on the Book of Ezra

Session 3: When Rebuilding Home TS

In this session, we talk about how Israel started rebuilding their home after the Babylonians have been defeated by the Persians.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Rebuilding the Altar: The Center of Worship (3:1-7)

  • They start with the altar—the centerpiece of their worship.

Rebuilding the Temple: The House of Worship (3:8-13)

  • Psalm 136 is referenced.

The Adversary’s Feigned Help (4:1-5)

  • However genuine their offer to help seemed, we must critique it in light of the leader’s response.
    • Verbal discouragement.
    • Fear and Intimidation.
    • Bribes.
    • Letter.
    • Lies.
    • Feigned loyalty.
    • Record checking.

The Adversary’s Feigned Letter (4:6-16)

  • This letter is a flashforward. It would actually take place 80 years later.

The Adversary’s Temporary Success (4:17-24)

Napoleon said, “Leaders are dealers in hope.” And Haddon Robinson said, “Hope is the music of the future, and faith is the courage to dance to it now.”

Discussion Questions:

  • How will rebuilding the altar of burnt offering (Exodus 27:1-8; 38:1-7; Leviticus 1:1-17) help Israel restore their spiritual heritage?

  • How does offering praise for the Lord interface with the rebuilding of the temple foundation? How are those inextricably linked?

  • The adversaries of Israel’s efforts to rebuild their home were geographically close (people of the land and foreigners living in the land of Israel). How does this make standing up to the opposition more difficult?

  • What methods or tactics does our spiritual enemy, the devil, use today to intimidate us?

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