NextLevel Online: Ephesians

Session 4: Proof #1: From Death to Life (2:1-10)

How do we know Jesus is most powerful?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

  • Don’t read past the familiar parts too quickly!

  • Initial thoughts on Ephesians 2:

    • Must take the two parts together.

    • Must take it personally.

Ephesians 2, Part 1 (2:1-10)

  • How do we know Jesus is most powerful? He brings dead people back to life.

    • Problem (2:1-3)

      • A

      • B

      • C

    • Solution (2:4-10)

      • Made alive with…

      • Saved by…

  • You know what you need right now?

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  • What movie do you think gets better every time you watch it? Why?

  • Do you tend to read too quickly through passages like this, or are you good at slowing down and soaking in the truth?

  • What are some different ways people today explain “what’s wrong with our world”? How does these answers compare or contrast to what Paul says in Ephesians 2?

  • True or False: We will appreciate the solution to the extent that we comprehend the problem? (If true, what should we do with this?)

  • What kind of “works” are you tempted to rely on to establish your place with God? Why?

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