NextLevel Online: Enemies of the Cross

Session 3: Caiaphas

In session 3 we look at Caiaphas, his motivations, and his words that in many ways were right, "... It is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish".


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • Review Philippians 3:17-21
  • Review: What makes one an enemy of the cross of Christ?
      1. Their end is destruction
      1. Their god is their belly
      1. They glory in their shame
      1. Their minds are set on earthly things
  • Caiaphas (18-37 AD)
  • Read John 11:45-53
  • Caiaphas’ Motives
      1. Envy (Mk 15:10)
      1. Position & Power (Jn 11:48; cf. Mt 23:5-7)
  • Allegations against Jesus
      1. Blasphemy (Psalm 110; Daniel 7)
      1. Threat to the Temple
      1. Refusal to pay taxes (Mt 22:15-22)
      1. Claim to be king

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