NextLevel Online: Deuteronomy

Session 3: Word #2 - No Idols

Why is God so concerned that his people not make images or idols to worship?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

How did you do in obeying the word since the last session?

See the picture of an ancient Israelite worldview.​ 1​ How do Psalm 24:1-2 and Psalm 104:1-3 fit with this idea?

  1. Image from James L. Christian, Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering, 11th ed. (Boston: Wadworth, 2011), 543.

Read Jonah 2:2-7. How does this fit with this way of seeing the world?

Throughout Scripture, God seems to communicate to people using the science of their time. How is this perspective of the world different from how you picture the world?

Why is God so concerned that his people not make images or idols to worship

What is the “image of God” in Genesis 1? Why is that significant?

Read Exodus 32:1-6. Which of the Ten Words did the people break here?

In Exodus 32, who were the Israelites trying to replace: Moses or Yahweh?

What does Deuteronomy 12 guard against? How does it help us understand proper worship?

What is one specific way you can obey this word today?

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