NextLevel Online: Colossians

Session 8: Spiritual Formation (3:1-17)

Biblical Anchors for Spiritual Formation


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Opening Thoughts

Biblical Anchors for Spiritual Formation

  • Our ______ rooted in Christ’s _______ work

    • Spiritual formation without the finished work of Christ…

    • What is grace “opposed” to according to Dallas Willard?

  • Replacing below/old with / /

    • Paul’s metaphors for formation –

    • Restoration of the original pattern for humanity –

  • Individuals in community

    • Personal but not…

    • In Christ we have a new _____ identity

    • Paul takes us to church!

  • New habits of _______ and _______ (draw the image below!)

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  • How badly do you want to become more like Jesus? Why?

  • What efforts have you made to grow in the past? What seems to have worked?

  • What can happen if we forget any of the anchors identified in this lesson?

  • What does God want you to do next?

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