NextLevel Online: Children’s Ministry Training

Session 2: How to Teach Children

Session 2 introduces us the 4-step pattern: Hook, Book, Look, Took on how to teach children.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • Opening Activity Idea:

    • Create the outline of a “perfect teacher” on a marker board

    • Ask volunteers to describe attributes of a teacher that made a positive impact on them as a child.

    • As they describe each aspect, write these words around the “perfect teacher”

  • Preparation for video content or lead your volunteers in reviewing the four-step lesson approach (see handout)

    • Hook: Prepare children to learn from the Bible

    • Book: Teaching the Bible story

    • Look: Dig into scripture

    • Took: Applying scripture to our lives

    • Suggestions:

      • Provide copies of the curricular materials used by your children’s ministry.
      • Assist volunteers in identifying how the materials label each of these four steps.
    • Note: If your children’s ministry uses a large group/small group model, describe which steps you desire to be covered in large group and which should be covered in small group.

  • Practice together:

    • Choose a Bible story (example: Jesus calming the storm)

    • Divide into small groups

      • Each group come up with 1-2 ideas for each of the four-step lesson approach
    • Share their ideas with the rest of the group

  • Discussion:

    • Which step of the four-step approach comes easily to you?

    • Which step of the four-step approach is a bit more difficult for you?

  • Concluding Activity:

    • Share with your volunteers any additional resources you have to assist them in lesson preparation.

    • Identify the various gifts and talents of each volunteer in the room and affirm how God is using them to teach children the Word of God.


  • Introduction:

  • 4-step pattern: Hook, Book, Look, Took

  • HOOK: Prepare children to learn from the Bible

    • Key concepts:

      • Grab their attention

      • Surfaces a need

  • BOOK: Teaching the Bible story

    • Key questions:

      • What does this story/text teach us about God?

      • What is the main point of this story?

    • Be sure to emphasize what the story teaches about God!

  • LOOK: Dig into the scripture

    • Key questions:

      • What did the scripture mean 2000+ year ago?

      • What does it mean for us today?

  • TOOK: Apply scripture in our lives.

    • Key concept:

      • Discover together concrete actions to help us look more like Jesus

Review the curricular materials your children’s ministry uses and identify the elements of Hook, Book, Look, and Took.

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