NextLevel Online: Between Two Trees

Session 2: The Mystery of Eden - What Happened in the Garden?

Session 2 covers what happened in the Garden of Eden. What is sin and union? How did we became "one flesh" with Death and what are the perilous results?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • The Question

    • What happened in the Garden of Eden?

      • The Narrative

        • Genesls 1 – GOd woos all of creation into existence.

        • .Genesls 2 – the creation account centered on day 6 (creation of humanity).

        • Genesls 3 – tragedy strikes creation.

  • The Problem

    • Reciting the narrative of Genesis doesn’t answer the question.

    • Key Question: What if Adam and Eve’s sin was far worse than just an infraction against a divine law? (Genesis 3:8-9)

  • A New Question to Answer Our Question

    • What is sin?

      • Typical response: an “indiscretion” (intentional or unintentional) that demands punishment from God.

      • It can’t be less than this, but what if it’s worse than that?

    • What is union?

      • To answer, “what is sin?” we need to answer, “What is union?”

        • Answer: when two become one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

        • We were created for union because we were created in the image of a triune God (Genesis 1: 26-27)

  • Conclusion

    • What happened in Eden? We became "one flesh" with Death

    • And the results have been perilous.

Discussion Questions for Video 2:

  • How did you view sin as a child? Or how did you view sin before you were a Christian? How has that view been changed?

  • How has the church defined sin in your life?

  • How does union with ungodly things affect our understanding of God?

  • How do we point out the seriousness of humanity’s union with Death to other Christians in an age where we hear so often in the church: “I’m only human, I make mistakes”?

  • What are some ways that we choose a union with Death instead of union with the Father?

  • What is the “forbidden fruit” you try to grasp?

  • What hind of union is in your life right now, whether virtuous or not?

  • In a society that is easily offended and hates talking about sin, how do we communicate the brutality of sin without turning the people away from the gospel?

  • In what ways do you see us longing for union?

  • Do we sell sin short in order to minimize the extent to which God is asking us to transform?

  • How do you explain our union with Death to a Sunday school class of 3'd grade boys?

  • Let’s dissect God’s phrase in Genesis 3, “where are you” a little bit deeper. He obviously knew where Adam and Eve were, so why did he ask the question?

  • If God’s calling is rooted in mourning, how can our own grief be a tool in the path to transformation?

  • How does Christ’s work impact our longing for union?

  • How might Romans 8:22 connect with Gen. 3:8-9? What implications can we draw from all of creation’s union with Death?

  • How does God’s act of creation reveal deeper levels of union? Like: Adam was created from the dust of the Earth. Eve was created from Adam's side. All of humanity was created in God's image, etc.

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