NextLevel Online: Between Two Trees

Session 1: Life Between Two Trees

How does the Bible read us? Why does the Bible end the way it begins?


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • The Good News

    • The Bible ends where it begins…Kind of.

    • The Tree of Life (Revelation 22:i-2a; Revelation 2i :3 4)

  • The Problem

    • Lived between these two trees.

    • And between these two trees, life is hard.

  • The Reality

    • We all long to be someone different. Every one of us.

      • Even if it’s just a better version of ourselves.

      • As children we know this intuitively.

    • This longing is not a curse, but a gift from God.

  • A Case of Amnesia

    • Somewhere along the way, we forgot the gift of transformation.

    • Yet the feeling never goes away; it just changes shape.

  • Conclusion

    • We are not asking just “how do we read the Bible?” but “how does the Bible read us?”

    • Why does the Bible end the way it begins?

      • To finish an unfinished creation.

Discussion Questions for Video I:

  • Thelonging to be someone else is normal. So how do we affirm this deep longing, while pointing to the “true tree of life”?

  • Why do you think as a society we have shut down the idea that we have a need for transformation? How has the damaged us?

  • When and why did the idea that transformation is a “bad thing” start?

  • What is it that scares us about transformation?

  • How should we begin to break the lie that transformation is a bad thing with our none Christian friends and family?

  • How do we explain to non-believers that the longing that they are experiencing is the product of a much deeper longing within?

  • How do we show people the path to transformation in a way that doesn’t offend them?

  • What does clinging to the tree in the middle (i.e., the cross) look like in each of our lives?

  • What part of your identity is society telling you to embrace even though you know God is telling you otherwise?

  • How can we distinguish the longing to be someone different as a gift from God and not hating one’s own body?

  • How do you know you are being transformed into the image of Christ and not some other imitation?

  • In what ways do you see yourself longing for “New Creation”?

  • Do you think the church takes this longing for transformation seriously enough? Or have we forgotten how much impact this longing has on us?

  • How does the Biblical narrative of transformation contrast to the world narrative that “you need to stay true to yourself”?

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