NextLevel Online: Apologetics

Session 3: Faith and Doubt

In this session, Chad talked about external and internal confirmation for faith.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • If a skeptic asked you to define what you meant by “faith,” what would you say? Give an example of what this kind of faith looks like.

  • Do you agree with the statement that all people live by some sort of faith? Can you think of any examples of people living by “non-religious” faith?

  • Chad talked about external and internal confirmation for faith. External confirmation often looks like apologetic arguments. Internal confirmation often looks like the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Take a moment and voice a prayer for yourself and for a skeptic in your life that the Holy Spirit would bring them to conviction. Always remember, that a person’s belief is not our personal responsibility. We simply want to create an environment where belief is reasonable.

  • The example of marriage was used to illustrate the nature of faith. What was the point of that illustration?

  • The session ended with a note about doubt. Chad gave four points to remember about doubt. Did any of those points resonate with your experience?

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