NextLevel Online: Apologetics

Session 2: The Method of Apologetics

In this session, Chad talked about several different reasons why people don’t believe and how to defend our faith. It is also includes an explanation why we have to always “remember the goal".


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline
  • In the video, Chad talked about several different reasons why people don’t believe. How would you talk to a person who doesn’t believe for emotional or volitional reasons?

  • Can you think of circumstances where an evidential approach would be best? What about a pre-suppositional or experiential approach? When would those approaches work best?

  • Chad said that in practicing apologetics he likes to agree until he has to disagree. What is the benefit of that approach?

  • Asking good questions can be a very effective method of apologetics. Jesus himself liked to answer questions with his own questions. What are some good, clarifying questions that we can ask while defending our faith? Are there any questions that weren’t mentioned in the video which you would add to the list?

  • The last strategy mentioned in the video said to “remember the goal.” What happens to apologetics when we forget the goal?

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