NextLevel Online: 1 Samuel

Session 7: Israel Asks for a King (1 Samuel 8)

In this session, God and Samuel crown Saul king. Samuel delivers Israel but Saul disobeys Samuel and God.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Simple Overview:

  • God and Samuel crown Saul king

    • Samuel delivers Israel
  • Saul disobeys Samuel and God

Taking a Closer Look:

  • Donkeys of Kish (9)

  • Dinner with Samuel (9-10)

  • Saul’s Introduction (10)

  • Saul’s Victory (11)

  • Samuel’s Farewell (12)

  • Saul’s Disobedience (13)

Hearing the Word

  • Be careful what you _________________ for.

  • Stories don’t end where they _________________.

  • What matters is not what you’ve done in the past, but whether you _________________ right now.

  • Royal power is subservient to the _________________ Word.

Questions of Reflection and Discussion:

  • Do you think the narrator is drawing more attention to the negative aspects of Saul, the positive aspects, or both? What is the point of telling the story in this way?

  • Go back and read one or two of the sections. What details do you notice and how do they confirm the general picture painted here of these events.

  • Do you think Saul had a fair complaint against Samuel (and God) in chapter 13? Why was it right for Samuel to respond so harshly?

  • In what ways are you currently obediently waiting but it’s getting harder and harder not to do what seems best to you (even if apparently not to God)? What will you do?

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