NextLevel Online: 1 Samuel

Session 12: Abigail’s Intervention (1 Samuel 25)

In Session 12, we reading Abigail’s story on multiple levels.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

Reading Abigail’s Story on Multiple Levels

  • Abigail prevents unnecessary _____________________.

  • Abigail saves David from becoming _____________________.

    • One of David’s chief qualifications for kingship…

    • Nabal as “Saul’s alter ego” (P. Leithart)

  • Abigail contrasts _____________________.

  • Abigail echoes Samuel and prefigures _____________________.


  • The critical participation of women in God’s redemptive mission.

    • She honors God by undermining her foolish husband…

    • She fights like…

  • God allows us to be tested but always provides a way out. (1 Cor 10:13; 1 Samuel 25:32)

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  • Who are some of your female giants of the faith? What do we (all!) gain by having faith heroes and heroines (i.e. both male and female models)?

  • Do you properly respect and celebrate the critical place of women in God’s redemptive mission? (How would other women in your life answer this question?)

  • Are you more likely to have a problem with Abigail leading, or with the fact that even though she leads the story ends with her taking her place as wife to the king?

  • How might we all patiently allow the Word to discipline our convictions with respect to both men and women?

  • Where might you have ignored the “Abigails” in your life – i.e. those God has sent to warn you of going down a dangerous path?

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