NextLevel Online: 1 Samuel

Session 11: Saul Pursues David (1 Samuel 18-31)

Session 11 covers 1 Samuel 18-31. We learn how Saul gets jealous of David until how his story comes to an end.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Lesson Outline

The Events of 1 Samuel 18-31

  • David’s rise and Saul’s envy (18)

  • Everyone chooses a side (19-20)

  • David on the Run (21-22)

  • Saul on the Hunt (22-23)

  • David spares Saul’s life (24-26)

  • David among the Philistines (27-30)

  • Saul’s story comes to an end (31)

Themes and Takeaways

  • God’s rejection of Saul and protection of David.

  • Saul’s maniacal (envious) pursuit of David.

  • David’s “rise” and resistance to vengeance.

  • Jonathan’s humble deference to David.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  • Which of these stories would you most want to study further?

  • Go back and read whatever story you just mentioned and make note of 2-4 details that seem significant. How do these support or adjust the bigger picture just presented?

  • What can we do so that we get to receive God’s support rather than his rejection?

  • Where has envy crept in and kept a hold on your mind?

  • Why is it so important that David not seek vengeance? How likely are you to follow his example in this regard?

  • How does Jonathan look like John the Baptist, and what we can learn from both of them?

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