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Lesson 8: You Make Me Mad!

“Please don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” These words were uttered at the beginning of every episode of “The Incredible Hulk.” David Banner would lose control and become a large, green, muscular monster and wreak havoc on his enemies. Although we may not turn green and muscular, many times we seem no different from Hulk when we lose control of our anger. Someone hurts us, things go wrong, and we allow our anger to turn into some kind of monster and hurt those around us. In this lesson, the children will learn that although anger itself is not a sin, when we allow our anger to control us, it will ALWAYS lead to sin.

At Home

At Home Instructions

Family Devotion: You Make Me Mad
Materials: baking soda, flour, and vinegar

Big Idea Don’t Give In to The Anger Infection, Turn And Head In God’s Direction.

Power Verse Don't sin by letting anger gain control over you. – Ephesians 4:26

  • Ask your children the following questions:

• What are some things that really make you angry?

• What do you usually do when you get angry?

• Is it a sin to get angry? (Although your children might answer yes, it’s not)

• When does anger turn to sin? (when it controls your actions and attitudes)

  • Place the baking soda in a small bowl and have one of your children pour a small amount of vinegar on it. It should bubble up quite a bit. Then place the flour in another bowl and pour vinegar over it. Nothing should happen.

    Explain to your children that the vinegar represents situations that might make us angry, such as a friend breaking a toy or a parent not letting you do what you want to do. Then explain that the baking soda and the flour represent us. The same situation (vinegar) makes one person angry and out of control (like the baking soda), but doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the other person (like the flour). Emphasize that we choose whether we’ll react like the baking soda or like the flour.

    Talk to your children about some effective ways they can handle their anger. If you have problems handling your own anger, admit it (they already know it anyhow), and seek help from a pastor or counselor.

    Pray together, asking God to help you deal with anger in appropriate ways. Ask Him to help you control both your actions and your attitudes when a situation causes you to be angry.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Silly Willy Puppet
Drama Team

Leader: Kids, today we are talking about how to DEAL WITH... (Silly Willy pops up with a rope tied around his neck with a large rock tied on the other end)

Leader: Silly Willy! What are you doing? Why is this rock tied around your neck?

Silly Willy: Because I did something terrible!! I did something so bad that the Bible says I deserve to die.

Leader: Silly Willy, hold on! Now, tell us what in the world you are talking about.

Silly Willy: Well it all started when I was outside working on my go-kart. It’s been so cold the past few weeks and my go-kart started acting real funny like. So, I removed the big bacon classic pump and replaced it with a wire wrap. Then, I switched the tail pipe with the fuel injection, thought that might do some good. I drained all the gasoline out and filled that puppy up with extra hot chocolate...


Silly Willy: Yeah it’s cold so I figured hot chocolate might help it run better. After I switched everything around I got inside and cranked it up, but it still wouldn’t start! I was so angry! I was angrier than a coyote with his tail on fire. So, I got out of my go-kart, I went up to the engine and I gave it the biggest kickin’ it had ever gotten in its life.

Leader: Silly Willy, now that wasn’t very smart.

Silly Willy: It sure wasn’t. When I did that I broke my toe, and then I got even more angry and picked up a giant rock and threw it at my go-kart!

Leader: You did what?!

Silly Willy: Yep! But the rock busted a hose and all the EXTRA HOT chocolate that I put in it was spraying all over me. I got so angry that I began to shake, and I even said some of those words that we’re not supposed to say.

Leader: Silly Willy that seems pretty bad that all those things happened to you. Not to mention you reacted the way that you did, but that still doesn’t explain why you have the rope around your neck with a rock tied to it.

Silly Willy: Well that’s the worst part about the whole story. You see, I had some family in town, and I didn’t know it but my little cousin was right behind me the whole time when I was angry and saying those words that I shouldn’t have been saying. I read in the bible one time that it’s better to tie a rock around your head and throw yourself into the ocean than to lead a little child down the wrong path, so that’s what I’m going to go do.

Leader: Now Silly Willy wait just a second. You don’t have to do that! From now on, why don’t you follow what today’s Power Verse says?

Silly Willy: What does it say?

Leader: It says, “Don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you.” - Ephesians 4:26

Silly Willy: That’s just it, I got angry so I deserve to die!!!!!!

Leader: No, no, no. Getting angry isn’t a sin. It’s how you act when you get angry that determines whether or not you sin. Now, the fact that you got angry was not the problem. We all get angry. But, the fact that you lost control, kicked your go-kart, said those terrible words, and everything else you did...that’s what made it a sin.

Silly Willy: You mean that it’s ok to get angry as long as I don’t let that anger control me and make me do things that I’m not supposed to do?

Leader: Exactly!

Silly Willy: Well, then why in the world do I have this rope attached to me? I’m going to go pray and ask God to forgive me for losing control. Then, I am going to go apologize to my little cousin and tell her that I what I did was wrong. But, you better believe that I’m not going to let anger control me when I get mad again. See you later!

Leader: Bye, Silly Willy! Kids, we all get angry sometimes. But, we have to not lose control when we get angry. We have to take that anger and DEAL WITH IT!


You will need two pairs of swimming goggles, two small water guns, two towels, two large trash bags (with holes cut out at the top), one can of shaving cream

  • Choose two boys and two girls to compete in this game. Decide one person on each team to be the “shooter” and the other member of the team will be the “target.”

    Place the trashbag over the target’s head (to keep them clean) and place the goggles over their eyes (to protect them from the menthol in the shaving cream). Place a fair amount of shaving cream in a ball on the end of the target’s nose.

    Have the shooter stand approximately 4-5 feet away from the target. When you say, “Go,” the shooters try to shoot their water gun at the shaving cream on the nose of the target. The first team to get ALL the shaving cream off their partner’s nose wins!


Power Verse Don't sin by letting anger gain control over you. – Ephesians 4:26

Materials: a hand grenade

Place the hand grenade somewhere out of sight; prep one of your workers to knock something over towards the beginning of your lesson.

Today we are learning about how to DEAL WITH anger. We all get angry at times. How many of you have ever gotten angry at a brother or sister? (have a child stand up and tell about a time they got angry at a brother or sister) Or maybe you got angry at a friend because they did something that hurt you. (have a child stand up and tell about a time they got angry at a friend) Or maybe you even got angry at your parents because they wouldn’t let you do something you wanted to do like see a certain movie or spend the night over at someone’s house. There are many things that make us angry. We all get angry. And, there is something you need to understand...

It’s true. Anger is an emotion. God created us to have emotion. Anger is an emotion just like happiness is an emotion. Anger is an emotion just like sadness is an emotion. It’s not a sin for us to be angry any more than it is a sin for us to be happy. How do I know? Because the Bible says in Psalm 4:4, “In your anger, so not sin...” That must mean that it is possible to be angry and NOT sin.

  • (About this time, have your assistant accidentally knock over a drink or a chair or something like that. When they do, you need to act annoyed and ask them to pick it up. When they go to pick it up, they actually make it worse by knocking something else over. While they apologize over and over, you begin to show anger. When they appear to be taking too much time cleaning up, you begin to yell at them.

Why do you pick NOW of all times to knock something over? Can’t you see I am trying to teach a lesson. All you ever do is mess things up. You are such a loser! (By this time, your kids will probably be sitting with their jaws hanging to the ground. Freeze, turn to them and say...)

Kids, it’s OK. I planned this with __________. I wanted you to see the difference between being angry and letting anger gain control over you. Did you notice at the beginning, I was angry, but I was patient. I didn’t lose control until later when I began to yell at __________. That’s when my anger gained control over me and it became sin. You see, getting angry is not a sin, but...

We have all seen people lose control and yell hurtful things at someone, hit someone, throw something (like this man and his computer). When we lose control and let our anger gain control over us we do things we wish we never would have done, say things we wish we never would have said, and hurt people we wish we never would have hurt. That’s why losing control is a sin.

So, what should we do? Do we have a choice? Do we HAVE to lose control? We sure don’t. When we get angry and we start to feel ourselves losing control we can DEAL WITH IT. How?

We don’t have to lose control. We can control our anger. You say, “But, I can’t control my anger. It’s just too much for me to handle.” That may be true, but God can help you DEAL WITH IT! You see, kids, our anger is like this hand grenade (take out the hand grenade). By itself, just sitting here it is pretty harmless. But, if I were to pull this pin...within moments it would explode and do a whole lot of damage. It could even kill a person. We get angry and lose control, then we explode all over everyone around us, hurting people in the process.

What we have to do when we get angry is NOT pull the pin. Don’t allow that anger to become sin by losing control. When you are angry, stop, pray, and ask God to help you. Take some deep breaths and pray while you do it. Then, God can come on the scene and help you DEAL WITH IT before you lose control, explode, and hurt those around you with your words and actions. I want you to watch this clip of a young man who allowed God to help him do just that.

  • (Play soft music) There are probably several children present who have lost control when they were angry and hurt those they love and care about. Some of them have lost friends because they allowed anger to gain control over them. Pray with them that God will help them not to “pull the pin” the next time they are angry. Pray that God will help them to DEAL WITH IT!

  1. What was today’s Big Idea? Answer: Don’t Give In To The Anger Infection, Turn And Head In God’s Direction!

  2. What was Silly Willy mad at? Answer: His go-kart wouldn’t start

  3. What did Silly Willy have around his neck? Answer: A rock & a rope

  4. Is it a sin to be angry? Answer: No

  5. True or False: Anger is an emotion that everyone has. Answer: Yes

  6. When we lose control of our anger, is it sin? Answer: Yes

  7. Is it possible to be angry and not sin? Answer: Yes

  8. Who can help us DEAL WITH our anger? Answer: God

  9. Our Power Verse said, “Do not sin by letting anger _______ ________ over you.” Answer: Gain control

  10. Where was our Power Verse found? Answer: Ephesians 4:26

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