High Voltage Elementary: Deal or No Deal

Lesson 2: Live Like A King

King David had everything he ever could have possibly wanted. He was the ruler over Israel with piles of money, jewels, and possessions. He had everything at his disposal. When he was nearing the end of his life, however, he realized just how empty all of those possessions were if he did not use them for God’s purposes. He set out to build a mighty temple of worship. When King David began to give of his possessions toward building the temple, he had the mindset of “how MUCH can I give”, not “how LITTLE can I give?” As a result, he inspired his entire country to give sacrificially as well.

At Home

At Home Instructions

Family Devotion: Live Like A King

Big Idea “I’m Gonna Live Like A King!"

Power Verse “Give, and it will be given to you...” - Luke 6:38

  • Have each family member bring a favorite toy or possession to devotions. Have everyone tell where they got the toy or possession and why it means so much to them. Then tell your children to pretend that they loaned this toy to their best friend. Ask the following questions:

• How would you want your friend to treat your toy while he had it?

• Should your friend be able to do anything she wants to your toy while she has it?

• If you saw your friend mistreating your toy, how would you feel? What would you do?

• How would you feel if your friend lost, broke, or ruined your toy?

• What would you do if your friend said the toy now belonged to him and he wouldn’t give it back to you?

  • Tell your children that a steward is someone who takes care of another person’s property. Ask your children who the steward is in the above scenario (it’s the friend to whom they loaned the toy). Discuss with them that while a steward might enjoy the benefits of taking care of someone’s property—in this case, he gets to play with the toy—he shouldn’t think it’s his, since the owner can ask for it back at any time.

    Then tell them that God has asked us to be stewards, not owners, of everything He’s given us. Discuss the following:

• What are some of the things God has given us? (money, possessions, friends, time, good health, etc.)

• If we are stewards of these things, can we treat them any way we want?

• What are some ways we can take care of those things? Pray as a family that God will help you understand that everything you have came from Him, and ask Him to help you be good stewards of what He’s given you.

  • Pray as a family that God will help you understand that everything you have came from Him, and ask Him to help you be good stewards of what He’s given you.


Classroom Instructions

Materials: Mr. Crabbe Puppet (puppet who struggles with his attitude)
Drama Team

Leader: Well, kids, today we are talking about giving with our whole heart to God...

(Mr. Crabbe pops out)

Mr. Crabbe: Is it that time again?

Leader: What time, Mr. Crabbe?

Mr. Crabbe: Time for the offering. Is it time again?

Leader: Well, we are just about to take up the offering, yes. Why do you ask?

Mr. Crabbe: Well, no reason I guess. I am just sitting back here trying to figure out what to give.

Leader: Well, I guess that’s a good thing. How’s it coming along?

Mr. Crabbe: Well, you know I learned last time that we’re supposed to give some money to God to honor Him. So, I was just figuring I could give a little bit. You know, just enough to get by. I figure if you could tell me what’s the least amount of money I can give to God and still make Him happy that would be nice.

Leader: Well, Mr. Crabbe, I don’t know if I can do that.

Mr. Crabbe: What do you mean? We’re supposed to give ten percent, right? Our tithe, right?

Leader: Well, yes, that is true.

Mr. Crabbe: Well then I guess that’s the answer then. I will just give that little ten percent and not a penny more. After all, I don’t want to give any more than I have to. I want to give as little as possible.

Leader: Well, Mr. Crabbe, I commend you on tithing. That’s important. But, I think you have the totally wrong attitude when it comes to giving to God.

Mr. Crabbe: How do you mean?

Leader: Well, when we begin to give to God, we shouldn’t have the attitude of what’s the LEAST we can give to God. We should think of how MUCH we can give to God. That’s what King David did in our Bible story today. I want to “Live Like A King” and follow King David’s example. Don’t you?

Mr. Crabbe: Well, yeah, I guess so. You sure that’s what God wants us to do?

Leader: Of course it is. He doesn’t have that attitude towards us. He gives and gives and blesses and blesses us over and over every day. You don’t want God to think, “Hmmmm, I wonder how LITTLE I can bless Mr. Crabbe today?”, do you?

Mr. Crabbe: No way! I love to receive God’s blessings!

Leader: Me, too. And that’s why our Power Verse today says, “Give, and it will be given to you...”

Mr. Crabbe: We give, and God blesses us right back.

Leader: That’s right.

Mr. Crabbe: Well that’s awesome! I’m not going to have that bad attitude anymore of “How LITTLE can I give?” I’m going to have the attitude of, “How MUCH can I give?”

Leader: Good decision! We’ll see you later, Mr. Crabbe!

Mr. Crabbe: See you later

Materials: Cardboard crowns
  • Choose two teams with an equal number of children to play for each team. Place the crowns on a table at the far end of the room. The players get in a relay line. When you say, “GO!”, and the music begins, the players race one at a time to the other side of the room, place a crown on their head, then run back to tag the next player in line. The team to have all players back at the starting position with crowns on is the winner.


If the game “Deal Or No Deal” went over well last week, feel free to play again each week. Since it is only a four part series and only one child can actually play the game at a time, you can probably use this game each week of this series without it getting old.


Power Verse “Give, and it will be given to you...” - Luke 6:38

Materials: Fake crown. "I just can't wait to be king" song from Disney's The Lion King.

Familiarize yourself with the Bible story found in 1 Chronicles 29.

  • Play song "I just can't wait to be king" from Disney's The Lion King.

  • After or during song, hold up crown for everyone to see. Maybe even put it on your head and walk around as if you were a king.

How many of you would LOVE to live like a King? Or a Queen if you are a girl? :-) Many of us have thought about it before. How cool it would be - life with no worries, no cares, no problems. A castle of our own, servants to wait on us, a chef cooking our favorite meals. That’s what we want – we don’t really need that much – we just want to live like a king.

Many people have that as their goal in life. They work hard to get as much money as they can because they think money will bring them happiness, freedom, and POWER. The truth is, kids, I am going to encourage you today to LIVE LIKE A KING...King David from the Bible.

David is king of the mighty nation of Israel. In the Old Testament, God lived in a box, sort of. They carried around the Ark of the Covenant in which was housed the Ten Commandments. They kept the ark in a tent, which they called the tabernacle. Now, David is growing old and he has built a great kingdom. He looks around at his wealth, his amazing castle, and decides God needs a house worthy of His glory and honor, rather than just a tent. He decides to build a temple.

David says, “I’m going to build the most amazing, incredible temple of all – because God is worthy.” God tells David that although he will not actually BUILD the temple, he will be able to lead the nation of Israel in giving the gold, money, and jewels that are needed to build the temple. He’s going to have the biggest fundraiser EVER.

We can learn some amazing lessons from King David and this group of people from Israel just by looking at what they did to raise money for this temple.

King David had a lot to be able to give, but he went above and beyond to be able to give to the temple. Of course, King David could have given way more than the rest of the people. He had way more money and possessions than they did. But, the amazing thing wasn’t that he gave a lot. The amazing thing is that the Bible says King David kept looking for more and more of his wealth that he could give to the temple. In other words, he wasn’t looking for ways to keep his money, he was looking for more ways to give.

That’s what we need to learn, kids. Instead of thinking about how LITTLE we can give and still make God happy, we need to have the attitude of “How MUCH can I give?” After all, that’s the attitude God has with us.

King David gave so much that he made all the people in the nation of Israel want to give as much as they could, too. By obeying God and giving with all of his ability, King David inspired them to be givers.

The word “inspire” is a word you may not know. Let me explain it to you this way. Have you ever watched an athlete or a singer or a musician do something amazing like win a gold medal or put on a great concert and thought, “WOW! I want to be able to do that!” Then, you go practice and work hard to try to accomplish that same goal? That means that athlete or musician INSPIRED you to do your best. By what they did, they caused you to want to do the same.

When we obey God and give to build His Kingdom, we can also inspire others to give. Can you imagine how many people could be saved if each of us gave with all of our ability to build the Kingdom of God? WOW!

Do you know why it was so easy for King David and the people to give so much? They realized that it wasn’t THEIR money they were giving...it was God’s. You see, the Bible teaches us that God owns everything because He created everything. The people realized that they didn’t own their money, they were just taking care of it for God. That’s what a steward is...someone who takes care of stuff that belongs to someone else.

You want to live like a King? All you have to do is realize that your money is not your own and be willing to give as much as you possibly can to God in order for more and more people too hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When you give with all your ability, you inspire others to give as well. WOW!

  • Play soft music.

  • Pray with the kids to help them remember that all their money and possessions belongs to God. Have them decide an amount they can give over the next few weeks that will show they are giving “with all of their ability.” Choose a missions project to give the money to.

  1. What was today’s Big Idea? Answer: I’m Gonna Live Like A King!

  2. What did Ed E Money have the “servants” feed him? Answer: grapes

  3. What was the name of the king in the Bible story today? Answer: King David

  4. What did King David decide he wanted to build? Answer: a temple for God

  5. True or False: King David asked, “What is the least amount I can give?” Answer: False

  6. How did King David’s giving affect the other people in Israel? Answer: It inspired them to give as well

  7. The people in the story realized they were stewards of God’s money, not ________________. Answer: owners

  8. What was today’s Power Verse? Answer: “Give, and it will be given to you...” Matthew 6:33

  9. True or False: At first, Mr. Crabbe wanted to give the least amount possible. Answer: True

  10. Besides give him grapes, what did Ed E Money have the servants in the video do? Answer: Massage his nasty feet

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