Ark Kids Elementary: Thanks & Giving

Thanks & Giving Week 3: We All Have Something To Give!

Herman and Rusty have auditioned for a local Thanksgiving play; however, things go awry when Herman gets the big part, and Rusty is stuck being the turkey. Can Rusty learn that even "small" parts can have a big impact?

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown / Rules
Materials: Lesson Plan

You will need upbeat music for a talent show in the Welcome.

Materials: Lab Coat (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Welcome to the Lab, and happy “we’re getting really close to” Thanksgiving!

Co-Host I can’t wait until that day when I can stuff myself, watch football, and stuff myself again.

Host And give thanks, too.

Co-Host Of course! Our series, Thanks and Giving, has gotten me ready for the big day. I am ready to thank and give.

Host I hope you are, too. It’s a perfect time to practice what we’ve learned each week. I have a fun idea to get the day started. We’re going to have the world’s largest talent show.

Co-Host If it’s not the world’s largest, it will at least be our largest. When we say, “Go,” I want you to stand up and show some kind of talent.

Host Dance, sing, make a crazy face, run in place really fast. It doesn’t matter. Just show us what you’ve got.

Co-Host 3…2…1!

  • Play upbeat music. Co-Host judges and gives one or more kids a piece of candy.

Host I can tell we’ve got some real talent at the Lab today. I know a couple other people who have talent. Let’s see what Herman and Rusty are up to.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Button, Cups (2), Pans (2), Buckets (2), Sponge (2), Tarp
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host Rusty seems really upset about not getting that part in the play.

Host Have you ever missed out on something you wanted badly? What was it?

Co-Host Rusty seems to think that the only important actor is the one playing the main role.

Host It’s easy to think that way. Maybe you’re not the star of your soccer team or the president of student council, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t matter. Let’s choose an assistant to reveal our Big Point. I think it will help us learn this truth.

Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.

Co-Host Press that button after we count down from three.

  • Kid volunteer presses the button. Lights flash and the Big Point is revealed.

Co-Host Let’s all say it together, We All Have Something To Give! Sometimes it seems like other people have way more to give than I do.

Host Remember that God wants all of us to play a part. Some of those parts look different, but they all matter.

Co-Host Everyone’s gift can make a difference. I like that.

Host Let’s play a game to illustrate the Big Point. We’re going to choose two teams of kids and an adult volunteer to be the captain of each team.

  • Choose the kids while the Co-Host explains the game

Co-Host It’s a relay game. You put the sponge in the bucket, soak up as much water as possible and carry it to the other end, where you squeeze it into the cup.

Host The first team whose cup overflows wins. 3…2…1, go!

  • Play the game

Co-Host Congratulations! You know what I noticed? Each team member soaked up a different amount of water, but together they made the cup overflow.

Host That’s the point. We all have something to give. Each person’s gift will look a little different, but God uses them all. We all matter to God. Let’s hope Rusty learns that before he makes a poor choice.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Button, Carboard Bricks, Blindfolds or Sleep Masks (4
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Can you believe that Rusty actually hit Herman with that crowbar? That had to hurt!!

Co-Host I’m shocked that he did that to his best friend.

Host If Rusty would just listen to and believe our Big Point,

Host We All Have Something To Give, he would see that his turkey part matters. Let’s check out the Big Verse.

  • Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.

Co-Host I need my lab assistant to hit the button to reveal our Big Verse from the Bible. Let’s count down from three.

  • Kid volunteer presses the button. Lights flash and the Big Verse is revealed.

Co-Host 1 Peter 4:10 (NIrV), “Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others.” It’s nice to know that God has given everyone a gift to use as part of His big plan. No one was left out.

Host If you compare yourself to other people, then you might feel like their gift is important, and your gift isn’t. That’s just not true.

Co-Host We should play a game to illustrate that. Let’s choose some contestants to compete in building the tallest tower. Here’s the catch. Two members of the team can use your eyes, but not your hands, and the other two can use your hands, but not your eyes.

(Place blindfolds on the kids who cannot use their eyes.)

Host Let’s see if you can each use your gifts to build the tower.

  • Play the game. You can use any type of building blocks for this game.

Co-Host Would it have been possible to build the tower if you could only use your eyes? No way.

Host With only hands, you might be able to, but it would be pretty hard. That’s why we all work together. Everyone has something to offer. Let’s say the Big Point again,

Host We All Have Something To Give! That includes worship. Let’s stand and worship the One who created each of us so special!


You may not think you have anything to give God, but that’s not true. He has given you gifts that you can use to give to others. Let’s take a moment to pray for each other, that we would realize what our gifts are and use those gifts to serve others. I want you to point your hands at the kids on either side of you. Let’s make sure that everyone has someone reaching out to them. Now take a moment and pray for that person. Ask God to show them what their gifts are and help them to use those gifts to serve those around them. (Pause) I want to take a moment to pray for all of you, too. (Pray)

Materials: Lab Coat (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host Rusty’s “small part” brought him a big blessing.

Host It goes to show you that the Big Point is true.

Host We All Have Something To Give! Let’s choose an assistant to help us with a quick interview.

(Choose a volunteer.)

Co-Host I want you to ask the kids around you one question: What is one thing that God has given you to that you could share with others?

(Volunteer asks the question.)

Co-Host Rusty never thought a simple “Gobble, gobble” would get him on TV, so we shouldn’t think too little of what we have to give either.

Host That’s true, and no matter who you are, you can be sure that God has given you a gift to share with others. Remember our Big Point,

Host We All Have Something To Give! Let’s gather with our small groups and talk about this some more.

Small Group Leader
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. What is one talent that you don’t have that you wish you had? Is it a problem to compare your gifts to others’ gifts? Why?
  2. What were some of the ways that the Israelites contributed to building the Tabernacle? Why was each contribution important?
  3. Name one way that your gifts or talents could be used by God to help others.
  4. What did Herman tell us to do in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says We ____ Have Something To Give! a. Don’t b. All
  2. Why was Rusty upset about being the turkey in the play? He thought it was a small part
  3. What was the name of the building that God wanted the Israelites to build? a. School b. Tabernacle
  4. What happened when Rusty decided to give his best as the turkey in the play? A scout noticed him & he got another job
  5. Name one of the things that the Israelites contributed. Making clothes, hammering gold, mixing spices, making the tent, etc.
  6. Complete the Big Verse: 1 Peter 4:10 (NIrV), “Each of you has received a ____ in order to ____ others.” a. Gift, serve b. Gift, annoy
  7. Why do you think that God gives so many different kinds of gifts?
  8. God gave the Israelites everything they needed to complete the Tabernacle? a. Yes b. No
  9. What advice would you give to someone who didn’t think that he or she had anything to give?
  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do? Share a talent with someone else

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