Ark Kids Elementary: Power Up (Easter Series)

Power Up For Easter Week 4: I Can Make Wise Choices!

Herman is hosting game night at the lab, but things go awry when temptation gets the best of Rusty.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown / Rules
Materials: Lesson Plan
Materials: Lab Coat, Jail Costume
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Welcome to the Lab! Wait, why are you dressed like a prisoner from one of those old movies?

Co-Host I cheated…on my diet. Yep, I gave in and had a dozen donuts this morning. Why, Shipley’s?(favorite donut place) Why did you tempt me?

Host Donut temptation can be powerful.

Co-Host Yes, and I am powerless to resist sweets, powerless! What if I’m powerless to resist any kind of temptation? This could become my permanent outfit.

Host Don’t get too comfortable in that costume, because today’s Big Point is going bring you some good news about that. Let’s get ready to see what Herman and Rusty are up to. But first find someone and tell them the one treat you have a hard time saying, “No” to eating.

Materials: Lab Coat (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Have any of you been tempted, like Rusty, to cheat when playing a board game? What about any game?

Co-Host Is Rusty making the right choice? The Swede was cheating, but does that make it okay for Rusty to do the same?

Host I think Rusty needs to hear our Big Point. Let’s find an assistant to help us reveal it.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host You press that button after we count down from three and then read the Big Point. 3…2…1!

Co-Host Let’s all say it together, I Can Make Wise Choices! But what if you’re not sure what is or isn’t wise?

Host That’s where the Bible helps us. Let’s look at some different scenarios, and you tell us whether it is wise or unwise.

Co-Host Then we’ll see what the Bible says and find out if we’re right.

• Ignoring your parents’ advice so you can do what you want to do (Proverbs 12:15) • Praying about a scary situation (Phil. 4:6) • Using all your money to try win a big prize at a carnival game instead of waiting and saving it (Proverbs 13:11) • Hanging around friends who stir up trouble (Proverbs 13:20) • Discovering that some kids are planning a major prank and refusing to join them (Proverbs 22:3) • Covering for a friend who steals something by blaming another kid (Proverbs 17:15)

Host We can make wise choices. Thankfully God gives us the power to stay strong when temptation strikes.

Co-Host It helps to have the Bible as a guide. It tells us which actions are wise and which not. Reading your Bible can help you avoid some major trouble. Maybe Rusty will read his Bible before things get out of hand.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Goal, Beach Balls
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Do you really think that the devil made Rusty cheat in monopoly?

Co-Host Can the devil make us do anything? (Pause) Nope, he may tempt us, but the choice is ours. Instead of doing the wrong thing, we can follow the Big Point,

Host Do you really think that the devil made Rusty cheat in monopoly?

Co-Host I Can Make Wise Choices!

Host Our Big verse shares some good news about how to deal with the temptation to make a wrong choice.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host Hit the button as we count down from three, and then you can read the verse. 3, 2, 1!

(Allow the child to read the Big Verse.)

Host Jesus can help us when we are tempted. He was tempted on Earth, but He never once gave in and made the wrong choice. Let’s show this with a visual.

Co-Host We have chosen a kid to represent, well, a kid. Your job is to protect this goal. Each of these beach balls is like a temptation.

(Have several kids attempt to score goals at the same time.)

Host It’s hard to protect the goal all by yourself. But you don’t have to fight temptation all alone. You have help. It’s much different when Jesus is guarding you.

(Bring up enough adult volunteers to completely block the goal. Have kids try to score a goal. The volunteers block each shot.)

Co-Host Those temptations didn’t stand a chance.

Host It makes no sense to fight a battle by yourself when you have God on your side. He can help you make wise choices in any situation. Let’s stand and give God some praise.


One of the best tools to help you make a wise choice is God’s Word. The more we put God’s Word in our hearts, the more weapons we have to fight our enemy. So let’s practice that by meditating on our Big Verse. That simply means we pray the scripture. Let’s pray that verse a couple of times out loud together. “God, I thank You for helping me when I am tempted.” (Repeat) Keep praying that scripture every time you feel tempted to make the wrong choice. Pray and believe that God is giving you the power to make a wise choice.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Mystery Boxes (2) 1 must have yellow on it, Giant Candy Bar, Gag Gift
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host I’m glad that Rusty apologized.

Host Next time he’s tempted, I think he’ll choose to get away from that temptation and follow our Big Point,

Host I Can Make Wise Choices!

Co-Host But what about those times when you just aren’t sure which choice is the wise choice. If someone asks you to steal something from a store, you might be tempted, but it’s pretty clear that’s an unwise decision.

Host Just like in any situation, we rely on God to help us make wise choices. Let me show you what I mean. I have a friend who is going to choose between these two mystery boxes. Notice the question mark on the outside. They’re the same size, wrapped the same, and they weigh the same amount. Which one contains something good, and which one doesn’t?

Co-Host It seems impossible to figure out. I guess you’d just have to do some trial and error and take your chances.

Host You could, or you could talk to God. He knows more than we will ever know, so He can know which choice is the wisest. I’m going to put a hint up on screen that only the audience can see.

  • Encourage the kids to share the hint with the kid on stage and allow him/her to choose the correct box. Reveal the prize and the gag.

Co-Host That makes a lot of sense.

Host God really does help us make wise choices. Let’s gather in our small groups and discuss what we’ve learned.

Small Group Leader
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. Did Rusty make wise or unwise choices today? What were the consequences of his choices? Did Rusty make his own choices or did someone else force him to choose?
  2. Were you surprised to learn that Jesus was tempted? How did He handle temptation?
  3. What are some ways that you could deal with temptation this week?
  4. What did Herman tell us to do with our families in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says I Can Make ______ Choices! a. Wise b. Foolish

  2. What did Rusty choose to do at game night? a. Play by the rules b. Cheat

  3. Who tempted Jesus in the wilderness? a. Friends b. Satan ?

  4. How did Jesus fight the temptation? a. He used the Bible b. He argued with Satan

  5. Why does it matter if we make wise choices?

  6. Complete the Big Verse: Hebrews 2:18 (NIrV), “Now He is able to _____ others who are being tempted.” a. Help b. Ignore

  7. True/False: The Bible says that Jesus was tempted but did not sin. a. True b. False

  8. True/False: The devil can’t make us give in to temptation. a. True b. False

  9. How does knowing what the Bible says help us fight temptation?

  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do?

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