Ark Kids Elementary: Power Up (Easter Series)

Power Up For Easter Week 3: I Can Serve!

Rusty refuses to stop playing Fornite, even though the lab is in danger of blowing up

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

Countdown / Rules
Materials: Lesson Plan

Suggested Music Selection for Engage segment, "Be Our Guest"

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Candles (3), Headband
  • Host enters.

Host Welcome to the Lab!!

  • Play “Be Our Guest” Co-Host enters. He/She is carrying two candles and has a third attached to a headband on his/her head. The Co-Host is singing the song and dancing around the stage.

Host What are you doing?

Co-Host Can’t you tell who I am? Seriously? I’m Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast.” The candles didn’t give it away.

Host We’ve really got to up our budget for costumes.

Co-Host I know. Nevertheless, I’m out here to remind you that today is all about serving.

Host That’s true. We’re discovering what it means to serve. Let’s get things started by checking in with Herman and Rusty. But first, stand to your feet and tell someone which restaurant that serves ice cream is your favorite.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Trays (2), Melamine Cups/Plates
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Rusty seems really committed to winning that game. Would you keep playing or stop to help Herman?

Co-Host Maybe he really can’t help them. What do you think? (To the kids) Is it that Rusty can’t help or he just doesn’t want to?

Host A lot of people think that it’s really hard to serve. It’s kind of like the task we have for you guys in this game.

Co-Host This will be fun. We are going to have a waiter relay race. We have chosen two teams of six kids. When I say go, you must race around these cones and back to your team. Pass the tray to the next person, and then it’s their turn.

Host If you drop anything from your tray, you must restart at the beginning. Go!

  • Play the game.

Co-Host Waiters serve, and that game made serving look tough.

Host Let’s see what our Big Point says.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host Press that button after we count down from three and then read the Big Point. 3…2…1!

Co-Host Let’s all say it together, I Can Serve!

Host Serving can be tough sometimes, but anyone can do it. It’s possible because Jesus gives us the power to serve. Even if our feelings tell us we can’t, we can make that choice.

Co-Host Let’s see if Rusty changes his mind about serving.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Table, 4 Boxes, 4 Donuts, 4 Plates
  • Host and Co-Host enter. On a table are arranged four boxes. Three have empty plates beneath them. One has a plate with four donuts.

Host I’m concerned the lab is about to blow. What’s more important: playing games or saving the lab?

Co-Host It’s not helping that he’s listening to Hans Von Striker. He sure seemed like he didn’t understand the idea of sacrifice.

Host Sacrifice is a big part of our Big Point,

Host I Can Serve! One thing that’s hard for me to sacrifice is sweets. Do any of you love donuts?

Co-Host We’re going to choose four contestants to stand behind our mystery boxes. Inside these boxes are delicious donuts. We’ll randomly assign each of you a box to stand behind.

  • Have the kids stand behind the boxes. Then lift or open each box to reveal the empty plate. Save the box containing the four donuts for last.

Host All of them are in one spot. Here’s the dilemma:

Host “Do or Do-nut Give.” Would you be willing to sacrifice three of the donuts so everyone can have one, or would you keep them all?

Co-Host That’s a lot of pressure.

Host It is, which is why I think the Big Verse might help your decision.

(Allow the child to read the Big Verse.)

Co-Host So serving is looking out for others, not just yourself. For me, it’s definitely more tempting to avoid serving when no one is watching.

Host Jesus made the choice to serve, and that’s what he asks us to do. Thankfully, He gives us power to help us make that choice. So, what’s your decision?

(Allow the child to make his/her decision.)

Host I’m so glad that we can all serve. No matter your age, size, or anything. We can do it when no one’s watching or when everyone’s watching. Let’s stand and worship Jesus.


Today is a great time to talk to God and let Him know that you are willing and ready to serve. You may not know how, but just like Jesus asked that boy to serve others on that mountainside, He asks you to serve now. Don’t focus on how it’s going to happen, just focus on saying, “Yes” when God asks. Let’s take a moment to pray. Pause and quietly talk to God. Let Him know that you are willing to say, “Yes.” (Pause) Now I’ll take a moment to pray.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Hamper (2), Clothes
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host I’m glad that Rusty chose to save the lab.

Host He put down his game and helped his friends. That’s sacrifice. Rusty definitely learned our Big Point,

Host I Can Serve!

Co-Host The Big Do sounds fun this week. I know, helping around the house might not be your favorite activity, but serving is important.

Host If you go into it with the right attitude, then you can find ways to make serving a blast. Let’s try that now with a little game I call “Laundry Basketball.”

Co-Host Two teams of kids will take turns trying to land a piece of laundry in the hamper. The team that gets the most points wins. Ready, set, go!

  • Play the game.

Co-Host Who knew serving could be so much fun?

Host Serving others is a great choice. Let’s gather in our small groups and discuss what we learned today.

Small Group Leader
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. Why did Rusty not want to help Herman? How did Rusty have to sacrifice in order to save the lab?
  2. What do you think the boy in our Big Story was thinking when he handed over his lunch? Would it have been hard to give that up? How do you think he felt when he saw his lunch multiplied?
  3. What are some ways you could serve someone this week?
  4. What did Herman tell us to do with our families in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says I Can _____! a. Serve b. Do What I Want

  2. Why did Rusty not want to help save the lab? a. He was hurt b. He was playing a video game

  3. Was the crowd Jesus taught large or small? a. Large b. Small

  4. True/False: Jesus’ disciples used their money to buy food for the crowd. a. True b. False

  5. Why can anyone serve others?

  6. Complete the Big Verse: Philippians 2:4 (NIrV), “None of you should look out just for your own good. Each of you should also look out for the good of ______.” a. Others b. Just your friends

  7. Who offered Jesus food to share with the crowd? a. Rich people b. Boy

  8. True/False: There was more than enough food for everyone to eat. a. True b. False

  9. What are some ways that you can serve others?

  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do?

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