Ark Kids Elementary: Great Joy (Christmas Series)

Great Joy Week 1: God Keeps His Promises!

Rusty is trying to recreate a "Charlie Brown Christmas" for an online film festival. However, everyone in the has forgotten their promises to help him. Thankfully, the Christmas story reminds the gang to keep their word to Rusty.

Large Group

Large Group Instructions

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Materials: Lesson MaterialsLesson Plan

Engage 1 calls for the song, “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews. It would be completely appropriate to just have the host or co-host sing a few lines of it instead.


Engage 2 calls for The Superman Theme music.

Materials: Lab Coat (2)
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Welcome to the Lab! This week begins a brand-new series about…

Co-Host Shopping for the rest of things on my grandma’s Christmas list.

Host What?

Co-Host I kind of promised my family that I would take care of getting presents for my Nana.

Host Why didn’t you do it?

Co-Host There was a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer marathon on TV yesterday, and I got sucked in by that elf that wants to be a dentist.

Host We’re not helping you shop. Today is all about Christmas, and, unlike yours, Christmas is about promises that came true. Stand up and tell someone the number one thing on your Christmas list as we get ready to check in on Christmas preparations with Herman and Rusty.

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Button

Engage 1 calls for the song, “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews. It would be completely appropriate to just have the host or co-host sing a few lines of it instead.

  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host Rusty seems frustrated with everyone.

Host His friends did forget the promises that they had made to him. (To the kids) How would that make you feel?

Co-Host That would make me sad. Christmas should be about joy, not feeling bummed out. Rusty should totally listen to that song to cheer himself up. You know, it goes, “Raindrops on kittens and bright colored whiskers.” Listen.

(Play or sing a few lines of My Favorite Things)

Co-Host That lady is weird. None of those things bring me joy.

Host (To the kids) What are some things that bring you great joy at Christmas?

(Interview several kids.)

Host Actually, there is another part of Christmas that brings even more joy than presents or Christmas cookies…

Co-Host …and we’ll find that out in our Big Point. We need a lab assistant to come up here and help us reveal the Big Point.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host All you need to do is press that button after we count down from three. 3…2…1!

Co-Host Let’s all say it together, “God Keeps His Promises!”

Host People may sometimes let you down, but God won’t. He never forgets a promise, and He will never forget about you. Christmas is a yearly reminder of that truth.

Co-Host I feel kind of bad about forgetting Nana’s list. I hope Rusty’s friends do better than me.

Materials: : Lab Coat (2), Button, Superman Cape (2), Superman Breakable Chain, Metal Chain

Engage 2 calls for The Superman Theme music.

  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Host Have you guys ever had friends let you down before?

Co-Host I have. One time this “friend” offered to pick me up from the airport, but forgot and left me stranded because he/she thought it was more important to watch Polar Express on Ice.

Host You went to the show and left me stranded at the airport. At least God never forgets His word.

Host God Keeps His Promises! I need another assistant to help us reveal the Big Verse.

(Host and Co-Host choose a kid to volunteer.)

Co-Host I need you to hit the button as we count down from three.

Co-Host 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NIrV), “God has made a great many promises. They are all ‘Yes’ because of what Christ has done.” What does it mean that they are all “yes” because of Jesus?

Host Let’s bring up another assistant to help. I’m going to see if you can break this chain. It’s looks heavy. It looks like it’s made of iron.

Co-Host I think he/she is going to need something to inspire him/her.

  • Co-Host places the cape on the assistant. (Play Superman Theme) The child breaks it apart easily. The Superman chain is a costume prop that can be purchased online. If you can’t find the item, then rig a plastic PVC chain by cutting one of the links so that it barely connects. Another option would be to have the kid “break” a paper chain.

Co-Host Wow! That music really works. (To the other assistant) You try the other chain.

  • Co-Host places the cape on the assistant. (Play Superman Theme) The child can’t break it apart.

Co-Host Maybe I used the wrong cape.

Host There’s a simple explanation. Is that chain metal? No. It’s a fake, which is why it was so easy to break. The other one is real. There were a lot of promises made before Jesus arrived that turned out to be fake. They weren’t based on God’s Word. But the promise to send Jesus was based on things God had said for thousands of years. When Jesus arrived and saved us, it proved that God’s promises are the real deal.

Co-Host So, because of Jesus, we can trust every single promise God has made…

Host …even the promises that we are still waiting for. They are all true. Let’s jump to our feet and worship our God who keeps His promises!


Some of you guys may have felt like our friend earlier. Maybe you’ve felt like everyone has let you down, or maybe you’ve prayed and things haven’t worked out like you had hoped. I want you to remember this Christmas that God hasn’t forgotten about you and that His Word is still true. You can trust God no matter what because He keeps His promises. Let’s take a moment to chat with God about how we feel. Remember a time He helped you or answered a prayer and thank Him for keeping His promises. Take a moment to pray at your seat right now. (Pause) Now I want to pray for all of us this Christmas and thank God for sending Jesus to save us. (Pray)

Materials: Lab Coat (2), Button, Bibles
  • Host and Co-Host enter.

Co-Host Wow! Herman, Slimey, and Sophia really came through for Rusty.

Host I think our Big Point inspired them.

Host God Keeps His Promises!

Co-Host How do you know if the promise is from God?

Host You have to go to the source. Where do we find what has to God say to us? Right, in the Bible. Let’s practice that right now. I have several teams of adults and kids who are going to find some things promised in the Bible. We’ll see who can find these verses first.

• John 14:27 (NIrV), “I leave my peace with you. I give my peace to you.”

• 1 John 3:9 (NIrV), “If we confess our sins, He will forgive our sins.”

• Romans 8:39 (NIrV), “Nothing at all can ever separate us from God’s love. That’s because of what Christ Jesus our Lord has done.”

Co-Host All of those promises are true because of Jesus.

Host Yep, and we can trust them because they are God’s Word.

Co-Host I’ll use the Big Point to remind me to trust God’s promises...and turn off the TV and shop for Nana. Let’s say the Big Point,

Co-Host God Keeps His Promises! Let’s gather with our small groups.

Small Group Leader
  • Gather the kids into small groups and discuss the following.

  1. Why was Rusty so upset? Has anyone ever let you down after making a promise to you? How did that make you feel?
  2. Why does Jesus’ birth bring us joy? How does Jesus prove God keeps His promises?
  3. If you ever feel like God has forgotten a promise to you, what would be a good thing to do?
  4. What did Herman tell us to do with our families in the Big Do?
  • Choose two kids from the audience to come on stage and answer the question.

  1. Our Big Point says God _____ His Promises! a. Forgets b. Keeps
  2. Why was Rusty upset with his friends? a. They were annoying him b. They didn’t keep their promises
  3. Who told Mary the good news about Jesus’ birth? a. Friend b. Angel
  4. Who jumped for joy when Mary said, “Hello?” a. Baby b. Priest
  5. Why does it bring great joy when we know that God keeps His promises?
  6. Complete the Big Verse: 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NIrV), “God has made a great many promises. They are all ____ because of what Christ has done.” a. Yes b. Maybe
  7. Why does it sometimes take a while for God’s promises to happen?
  8. True/False: Herman never kept his promise to help Rusty. a. True b. False
  9. Where can we find God’s promises? Bible
  10. What challenge did Herman give us as this week’s Big Do? Talk about a time someone made a promise to you

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